Saturday, September 13, 2003

Larry Flynt on Political Morality and Honest Government

In pursuing the “news behind the news,” Full Disclosure Network™ host Leslie Dutton explores Larry Flynt’s deepest thoughts on the “hypocrites of politics” in this revealing and colorful interview.

“This is a platform” Larry Flynt explains in Part 1, the reason that he is running for Governor in the historic California recall race. Flynt gives the details of his ongoing contest with Indian gambling and how he is encouraging the use of slot machines to solve the California government budget crisis.

Commenting on the pandering policies of current Governor Davis revealing the fact that Davis just authorized a 20% raise for prison guards who are now able to retire at age 50, Flynt stated “This guy will do anything for a vote!”

In Part 2, casino operator and self-acclaimed “smut-peddler” Larry Flynt touts his extensive sexual archive that documents the personal exploits of Republican Congressmen gathered during his investigation of President Clinton critics. Flynt also comments on future use of the scandalous material he has collected.

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