Thursday, August 19, 2004


Los Angeles, CA — From the Full Disclosure Archives historical interviews on timely topics which relate to current affairs, THESE are MUST SEE programs, for the content, which predicted what is happening right now. Released TODAY August 19, 2004, for viewing on the website at

According to retired LAPD Assistant Chief David Gascon, Los Angeles Mayor Jim Hahn wanted to become mayor and needed to get the Rampart scandal behind him right away. “That is why he told the Council the Federal Consent Decree was in the City’s best interest.”

“James Hahn pushed the L. A. City Council to adopt an agreement that will cost millions of dollars and hundreds of police officers” Gascon told Full Disclosure host Leslie Dutton in a program that was originally cablecast in 2003. Gascon’s 2003 prediction of costs and officers required to comply with the Federal Consent Decree has proved accurate, as the Los Angeles City Council Budget Committee has struggled the past two years to provide necessary funding to meet the Court’s demand. LAPD Chief William Bratton has confirmed the cost will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars and 300 police officers are assigned to implement the monitoring process.

When asked if L. A. Police Chiefs were vulnerable (to political pressure) LAPD Assistant (retired) Chief Dave Gascon told Full Disclosure Network™ , "A Police Chief cannot say "No" to the Mayor. The Police Chief will do whatever the Mayor or the Mayor's staff tells him to do. It was very difficult watching that, especially when there was conflict. But I've seen it develop over the last five years and I've seen it get to the point now where I think it is totally unacceptable."

In his interview with Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton, Gascon asserts that the City Council had a similar agenda as they were looking for an easy way out and the Federal Consent Decree presented that opportunity. According to Gascon. “It was pure politics”. “They were looking for a way to “reform” the LAPD”. When asked if the Council knew how much it would cost Gascon replied “they didn’t have a clue and did not even ask”.

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