Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Los Angeles, CA—With nearly 40 years experience, former Police Chief and current City Councilman Bernard Parks comments on the most corrupt mayoral administration since the era of recalled Mayor Shaw. In a two part interview with Emmy Award winning FULL DISCLOSURE host Leslie Dutton, Parks commented on the Federal and County Grand Jury investigations of corruption in the current Hahn administration saying that he could not recall when the Mayor’s office had been under such intense scrutiny for such issues as pay-to-play and campaign violations.

Parks noted that during the recent debate on Charter Reform critics warned that having a strong mayor type of government could bring a return to the Shaw era corruption. He said no on one expected it would happen in just a few short years.

Commenting on the conflicting assessments of Mayor Hahn and Police Chief William Bratton. Parks pointed out that while Mayor Hahn maintains L. A. is the safest big city in America, LAPD Chief William Bratton is comparing South Central Los Angeles to Baghdad. He said this conflict is a bad statement for the community and for the tourist industry which is our number one industry.

Referring to LAPD reports of improvements in operations such as “reduced response time” Parks attributes this to changing LAPD definitions rather than actual improvements. He said the community rarely sees patrol cars and they do not get a response while salaries for city employees are going up, along with fees and taxes, and we are cutting their services.

Assessing the major issues facing the city, Parks cited traffic, crime, the economy and education. These are the quality of life issues that resonate with the people.

This Part 1 is set to air worldwide on the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week starting Wednesday, September 1, 2004 FREE on demand as a public service for 30 days on the PROGRAM page at (Parts 1 and 2) will also be featured on the L. A. Channel 36 on Monday & Friday September 6th & 10th from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. 40 other cable systems throughout California.

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