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From Full Disclosure Archives (Part 1)
Program #315
Taped: November 8, 2001

Los Angeles, CA—Loopholes created by the U. S. Congress in 1996 made it possible for foreign students to disappear, unaccounted for, throughout the United States without prior background checks, or verification that they ever showed up for classes. This is according to Jim White, Legal Counsel with UCLA’s International Student Services who participated in a Full Disclosure interview that was originally videotaped on November 8, 2001, three weeks following the 9/11 Terrorist attack on the World Trade Center Towers in New York. The program is part one of two-part Full Disclosure cable television program to be released on the Internet for the first time on Monday, March 28, 2005.

White also described how the over half a million Foreign Students in the United States could vanish without any paperwork or notification to the U. S. Immigration authorities. He told Emmy Award winning Full Disclosure host Leslie Dutton “sometimes I see documents come back from the INS Central Data Base indicating their records show a particular student at our school, and upon checking, we find that the student never showed up. I don’t know if it’s an oversight or intentional”.

Also, appearing on the program is Richard Knickerbocker, Constitutional Attorney who represented former UCLA Deputy Registrar David Bradford whose lawsuit challenged UCLA’s policy of certifying illegal aliens as legal residents to qualify for “in state” tuition. Knickerbocker predicted in the Bradford case that Foreign Students could bring in drugs and criminals could enter the country under the guise of student visas, and that they would come without any intention of returning to their homelands.

Full Disclosure interviews over the past twelve years have documented the problems encountered in the immigration and criminal justice system from the broad perspectives of law enforcement, judiciary, public defenders and criminal defense attorneys.

This part one of the program is set to air world-wide on the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week starting on Monday, March 28, 2005 right here on our website at

UPDATE: March 28, 2005:
Congress To Weaken Foreign Student Security?
"Those seeking to study in science and engineering [have faced] major delays in receiving their visas because of security clearances,"
said Dale Kildee of Michigan, the ranking Democrat on the 21st-Century Competitiveness Subcommittee.
"We have to redouble our efforts to process [visas] more quickly. The potential impact is huge" if students decide to study elsewhere."
The United States should preserve its flow of talented international students into the country while also maintaining adequate safeguards against potential terrorists,
said subcommittee Chairman Howard (Buck) McKeon, R-Calif.

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Friday, March 18, 2005

AMERICANS NO MORE: Demise of U.S. Citizenship? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Exclusive Video Here (28:30 min)

FROM Full Disclosure’s ARCHIVES :

Los Angeles, CA—Nationally syndicated columnist and author Georgie Anne Geyer made predictions of the demise of American Citizenship in her book entitled “Americans No More” and those predictions were the subject of a Full Disclosure™ television interview which originally aired in 1996. This video is available on here on the Full Disclosure Network via streaming video.

According to Geyer, the role of civic responsibility in America is being undermined by the far left and the far right. Major corporate foundations, including the Ford Foundation, many of whom are located in Singapore, Bellagio, Rome and Berlin are providing funding to radical ethnic groups who don’t care about the American working class, or American citizenship. She went on to say that the racial groups are using the courts to fight citizenship issues such as taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens.

As a former foreign correspondent Georgie Anne Geyer traveled to many nations, covering world leaders. She told Emmy Award-winning Full Disclosure™ host Leslie Dutton the historical importance of maintaining national borders. When referring to the problems with the U. S. Border, she said, “the first duty of the U. S. President is to secure the borders of the nation.” She went on to say Southern California was “ungovernable, because it is incoherent and thus ungoverned.” “If you don’t know who the people are, you don’t know what they’re doing here or where their commitment is, your not governing yourself,” she said.

Geyer also told Dutton the most shocking thing to Americans is that non-citizens are voting all over the country. “There are some towns like Tacoma Park, Maryland that have voted to have non-citizens vote in local elections.” As for the “dumbing down” of the citizenship test, she said “We have allowed our schools to become bereft of civic education and the citizenship test is just a reflection of that.”

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Friday, March 11, 2005


"Best of Belmont" video series from Full Disclosure Network™

Los Angeles, CA - Starting Monday, March 14, 2005 Full Disclosure Network™ will video stream a special 30 minute Internet and cable television program entitled "BEST OF BELMONT" featuring excerpts from revealing interviews with the major players involved in the planning, development, financing and investigations of the Belmont Learning Center, the most notorious and costly school construction project , located in the Los Angeles Unified School District. The video will be launched from the website and will be distributed to 40 cable channels statewide.

Belmont Learning Center, recently renamed Vista Hermosa or Central High #11, was built on a 35 acre site where approximately 1000 closed oil wells are located on top of an earthquake fault. The site is known as the old Los Angeles Oil Field (Click here to view a photo of the Oil Field Site) The new and never occupied buildings were partially demolished in 2004 after costing $330 million. Experts predict the total cost could come to $1/2 billion.

Among the major players featured on the video are LAUSD Inspector General Don Mullinax who documented volumes of waste, fraud and abuse on the Belmont construction project and David Cartwright, Sr. Partner of O’Melveny & Myers who served as outside legal counsel to the LAUSD. Also appearing are District Attorney Steve Cooley, Special Legal Counsel to LAUSD Inspector General Roger Carrick, Dominick Shambra former LAUSD Director of Planning and Development and Scott Wildman who served as Chairman of the California Joint Legislative Audit Committee and Anthony Patchett, Special Deputy D.A. who headed the Belmont investigation.

Additionally, the program contains a Special Report with exclusive video footage of the demolition of Belmont which took place in December of 2004. The LAUSD refused to allow Full Disclosure™ cameras on the site to record the demolition , making it necessary to obtain aerial footage from a private airplane.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

POWER vs PUBLIC SCHOOL DANGERS: Los Angeles $½ Billion Belmont Toxic Site

Los Angeles, CA. Major political powers continue to impact the Los Angeles Unified School District’s $half billion dollar Belmont Learning Center construction and reconstruction on top of the old Los Angeles Oil Field which began in 1990 and continues to this day.

Anthony Patchett, former Special District Attorney in charge of the Belmont criminal investigation describes the circumstances which scuttled the prosecution of Belmont crimes on this part two of a Full Disclosure cable and internet TV program which will start video streaming 24/7 from on Monday, March 7, 2005

Also appearing with Patchett is Dr. Kaye H. Kilburn, M.D. who holds the Ralph Edgington Chair of the Keck School of Medicine, USC, who described how his employment had been threatened because of the views he expressed on the dangers of hydrogen sulfide. “The avenues of big money penetrate almost anything. They are almost as insidious as hydrogen sulfide” he said. Also included in the program are video clips from previous Full Disclosure interviews with Roger Carrick, Special Legal Counsel to the L. A. Unified School District’s Inspector General and David Cartwright, Sr. Partner with the Law firm of O’Melveny & Myers who served as outside legal counsel to the LAUSD.

In spite of 1990 warnings from the California Department of Oil and Gas, the outside legal counsel to the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) State toxicologists, an international renowned medical expert and the former Head of Environmental Crimes the Los Angeles Unified School District is forging ahead with Belmont fifteen years later.

Belmont Learning Complex (recently renamed Central High #11 or Vista Hermosa) is located on a 35-acre site in downtown Los Angeles was formerly known as the Los Angeles Oil Field. The site is plagued by toxic hazards such as methane gas and hydrogen sulfide that are considered highly dangerous threat to children, teachers and other who are exposed.

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