Friday, March 18, 2005

AMERICANS NO MORE: Demise of U.S. Citizenship? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Exclusive Video Here (28:30 min)

FROM Full Disclosure’s ARCHIVES :

Los Angeles, CA—Nationally syndicated columnist and author Georgie Anne Geyer made predictions of the demise of American Citizenship in her book entitled “Americans No More” and those predictions were the subject of a Full Disclosure™ television interview which originally aired in 1996. This video is available on here on the Full Disclosure Network via streaming video.

According to Geyer, the role of civic responsibility in America is being undermined by the far left and the far right. Major corporate foundations, including the Ford Foundation, many of whom are located in Singapore, Bellagio, Rome and Berlin are providing funding to radical ethnic groups who don’t care about the American working class, or American citizenship. She went on to say that the racial groups are using the courts to fight citizenship issues such as taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens.

As a former foreign correspondent Georgie Anne Geyer traveled to many nations, covering world leaders. She told Emmy Award-winning Full Disclosure™ host Leslie Dutton the historical importance of maintaining national borders. When referring to the problems with the U. S. Border, she said, “the first duty of the U. S. President is to secure the borders of the nation.” She went on to say Southern California was “ungovernable, because it is incoherent and thus ungoverned.” “If you don’t know who the people are, you don’t know what they’re doing here or where their commitment is, your not governing yourself,” she said.

Geyer also told Dutton the most shocking thing to Americans is that non-citizens are voting all over the country. “There are some towns like Tacoma Park, Maryland that have voted to have non-citizens vote in local elections.” As for the “dumbing down” of the citizenship test, she said “We have allowed our schools to become bereft of civic education and the citizenship test is just a reflection of that.”

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