Tuesday, April 05, 2005

EDUCATION LOBBY: Relax Foreign Student Visa Reporting

Los Angeles, CA. - In this Part two of the Full Disclosure program covering foreign student visa loopholes, Jim White, Legal Counselor with UCLA’s International Student Services describes the “education lobby” (private and public supported university systems) and groups like NAFSA (http://www.nafsa.org) the National Association of Foreign Student Affairs are actively involved in shaping U. S. immigration policy/regulations.

White also revealed how NAFSA strategically plans (2005-2007 NAFSA Goals) http://www.nafsa.org/content/InsideNAFSA/StrategicPlan/ to influence U.S. Immigration policy and that they and the education lobby were responsible for removing the requirement for foreign students to report their whereabouts to the INS prior to 9/11. “There’s a lot of people in our field who feel that the less government intervention or the less we’re responsible for reporting to the government, then the better off we are” White said,.

Also participating in this program was Richard Knickerbocker, Constitutional Attorney who represented former UCLA Deputy Registrar David Bradford whose lawsuit (Bradford vs Regents of the University of California) challenged UCLA’s policy of certifying illegal aliens as legal residents to qualify for “in state” tuition. Knickerbocker reminded Full Disclosure host Leslie Dutton that the Bradford case and the 1993 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center happened about the same time and the same policies were discussed then but nothing was done about it..

Full Disclosure interviews since 1992 have documented the problems encountered in the immigration and criminal justice system from the broad perspectives of law enforcement, judiciary, public defenders and criminal defense attorneys.

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