Saturday, September 03, 2005


Los Angeles, CA. The pros and cons of having local law enforcement officers uphold U. S. immigration law is the topic of an eight (8) minute video blog debate between Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona and the LAPD officials who developed the controversial Special Order 40, which prohibits Los Angeles Police officers from asking if a person is in the country legally.

On Tuesday, September 6, 2005 Full Disclosure Network™ will launch its latest video blog on the Internet, worldwide with a fast-moving debate between Sheriff Carona, LAPD Chief Daryl Gates (ret) and two former Presidents of the Los Angeles Police Commission, Edith Perez and Rick Caruso.
Daryl Gates, Edith Perez and Rick Caruso defend the LAPD Special Order 40, which was enacted by Gates in 1979 and offer their perspective, citing lack of resources to enforce U.S. immigration laws and fear that illegal immigrants may not report crimes or serve as witnesses if police officers are enforcing immigration laws.

Mike Carona explains the new Orange County Sheriff Department program to cross-train, and cross-deputize his Sheriff Deputies so they can enforce U. S. immigration laws. This will allow them to have access to the Federal criminal data base with the expectation they will arrest and prosecute criminal illegal aliens who return to the U. S. after deportation.

Video clips for this blog were selected from a series of Full Disclosure™ programs hosted by Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton on the issue of Immigration Policy over the last ten years. The programs were originally featured on 40 cable systems and video streamed from worldwide on the Internet where cable channels are listed by community and air times .

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