Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Washington, D.C. December 28, 2005 -- A nine minute Video preview entitled "The Prosecutor & The Presidency" covering how America investigated the Presidency, from Watergate to Whitewater, is now available on The Full Disclosure Network™ website Featured in the video are excerpts from the Full Disclosure Network's two-hour forum videotaped in Washington D.C. on March 6, 2000 and their "Rule of Law" series of interviews with former U. S. Attorneys General and Special and Independent Prosecutors.

Those appearing in the video presentation are: Former U.S. Attorneys General
Dick Thornburgh,
Edwin Meese, III,
Benjamin Civiletti,
Elliot Richardson
Richard Kleindienst
Former U.S. Solicitor General Robert Bork
Asst.U.S. Attorney General Chris Schroeder.

Presidential Prosecutors:
Judge.Ken Starr,
Hon. Lawrence Walsh,
Joe di Genova,
Robert Fiske, and
Craig Gillen

Bob Woodward,
Hon. Shirley Hufstedler
Chesterfield Smith
Leslie Dutton, Moderator

Full Disclosure's Special Series entitled "The Rule of Law" and the two-hour Forum "The Prosecutor & The Presidency" captured on videotape individual interviews with the Presidential prosecutors and U. S. Attorneys General, documenting the cataclysmic struggle among the most powerful American men and women who shaped domestic political policy for over thirty years.

Since 1992, the Full Disclosure Network™ has been billed as "the news behind the news" public affairs cable television program, featured on 40 cable systems and video streamed via the Internet at In 2002 the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences presented Leslie Dutton with a local public affairs Emmy Award for the series entitled " L.A.'s War Against Terrorism".

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