Monday, January 30, 2006


Los Angeles, CA— In the City of Los Angeles, which at one time declared itself a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants, in 1979 LAPD Chief Daryl Gates instituted a policy known as “Special Order 40” that prohibited local police officers from enforcing U. S. Immigration laws. The Emmy Award winning Full Disclosure Network™ is re-releasing an exclusive nine minute Internet video where Gates and other high ranking L. A. County officials describe conditions which led to this now controversial policy. Available at the URL: “free on demand” 24/7 as a public service.

Appearing on the Internet Video with Leslie Dutton, 2002 Emmy Award winning Full Disclosure™ producer/host are:
  • Assistant LAPD Chief David J. Gascon (ret) who provides commentary on Special Order 40 policy with reasons why it should now be reconsidered in light of 9/11. He points out that we will not be able to count on Washington D. C. to protect us from terrorists.
  • Former LAPD Chief Daryl Gates who describes the Calif. Attorney General opinion that held once illegal immigrants were in the country for a period of time, local police were not to approach them. He also describes how the LAPD lost a female officer who was also a mother, had been shot in the face and killed by an illegal immigrant.
  • Former LAPD Chief Bayan Lewis: describes how illegals had been rounded up in “sweeps” and that fear within the illegal immigrant community kept them from reporting crimes.
  • L. A. County Sheriff Leroy Baca: reveals that 23% of the county jails are filled with illegal aliens, 70% of which return to jail 4 or 5 times after deportation.
  • L. A. County Supervisor Michael Antonovich: describes how Sheriff Deputy March was murdered by an illegal immigrant by the name of Garcia who had been deported three times, having served no time for the crimes he committed, he returned to the U. S. and murdered Deputy March.
  • L.A. P. D. Deputy Chief Art Lopez explains that Los Angeles is a melting pot and “the city fathers, the City Council and the Police Commission has spoken that we want to provide services to everybody, regardless of their undocumented status. Unless they break the law, then we’re not going to report things to the INS.”
Video clips for this preview were taken from a special two-part series produced by the Emmy award winning Full Disclosure™ cable and Internet program that can be seen on over 40 cable systems and on the website at

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