Monday, March 13, 2006

Don Mullinax, LAUSD Inspector General On Audits & Investigations: Internet Video Preview 8 minutes

Los Angeles, CA. While serving as Inspector General of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Don Mullinax was responsible for the comprehensive Belmont Learning Center investigation and audit report. Under his direction, the Inspector General's Office produced volumes of reports and audits of the LAUSD. The Inspector General made a number of referrals to District Attorney for prosecution on the waste, fraud and abuse found on the Belmont project. L.A County District Attorney Steve Cooley declined to prosecute and instead authored his own Report on Belmont, which found no wrong doing. The D.A.'s Report was labelled a "white wash" report by former Blemont investigators including Anthony Patchett, who headed the Belmont Task Force while serving as Assistant Special District Attorney.

In this eight minute Internet Video preview, available free, 24/7, "On Demand" at the URL: as a public service of the Full Disclosure Network (tm) Mullinax describes his audits and his frustration when many of his recommendations were not acted upon.

Full Disclosure questioned him about the mysterious LAUSD Financial Corporation, which is purportedly an independent public benefit corporation set up to finance major multi-million dollar projects for the District. He stated that he had no knowledge of the corporation but that he would look into the matter and report back to Full Disclosure Network™ .

When asked about the working atmosphere of the Inspector General's Office, specifically if he had been pressured to change any of his Audit and Investigation Reports, he said he had never received pressure from Board Members but admitted that his office as been the target of intimidation by district administrators and now is required by the Board to report to them on any such activities on a quarterly basis.

In the summer of 2005 Mullinax left the LAUSD to work for Deloitte Touche a large accounting firm, based in Los Angeles. Although he was unsuccessful his efforts to generate prosecutions on the big dollar crimes outlined in his Belmont Report, he left a legacy of documentation which serves as a constant reminder of the ongoing and never ending battle to seek accounability for the Billions of tax dollars spent by the LAUSD.

This hour-long interview with Mullinax was videotaped in December of 2003,

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