Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Marlene Draper, President CUSD Board of Trustees
We will respond “through our own communications system and, as necessary and appropriate, through our legal counsel"

Orange County, CA Why is the Capistrano Unified School District , refusing to answer Full Disclosure’s questions about allegations and evidence of mismanagement, deceit and corruption that led to an unprecedented campaign to recall all seven School District Trustees?

Over the past fourteen years, the producers at the Emmy Award winning Full Disclosure Network have taken pride in our investigations and when presenting both sides of every issue, as voiced by the participants themselves.

We strive for full explanations on the issues at hand in an objective and unbiased manner. And yet for months the Capistrano Unified School District officials have refused every opportunity offered by Full Disclosure to present their side openly, on the air about the recall, and the allegations prompting it.

The attached letter documents the number of times Full Disclosure Network contacted the CUSD administration and each of the Trustees, only to be rebuked and refused every time. Even Mr. Smollar, the CUSD Communications Director, who is paid specifically to provide public information to the media, has refused to comment to Full Disclosure. Why?

In their attached letter, the CUSD has declared they will only speak through their legal counsel. Why would a public agency refuse public disclosure and only provide information through their own communication system and only comment through their lawyer? Why won’t these government officials answer the troubling allegations that were raised in this Video News Blog at http://www.fulldisclosure.net/flash/VideoBlogs/VideoBlog17.php

Full Disclosure wants to hear from the CUSD on the issues raised. Here is the letter we got in response to our certified letters to all the Trustees and Administration.

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