Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Los Angeles, CA The Full Disclosure Network™ will showcase Video News Blog Special #11 on POLICE ISSUES (Program #455) on 43 cable television systems starting April 5, 2006. Featuring LAPD Police Chief Wm. Bratton, Assistant Chief Dave Gascon (ret) former LAPD Inspector General Jeff Eglash , Captain Ken Hillman (ret), former LAPD Chief Bernard Parks (now City Councilman) and City Controller Laura Chick. The programs are moderated by Emmy Award winning Leslie Dutton.

  • Video News Blog #23 Chief vs Police Commission on Shootings (8 min) featuring LAPD Chief William Bratton who reveals the conflict between the LAPD and Police Commission over how police policy is interpreted. He relates details of the after the fact decision of the Police Commission regarding the officer involved shooting which killed thirteen year old Devon Brown.
  • Video News Blog #19. Public Employee Pensions Busting Budgets (3 min) L.A. City Controller Laura Chick describes the extent of the City's liability for LAPD pensions, saying that costs for the retired police officers is as much as it is for the working officers who are out on the street. And, she added this is a factor limiting the city's ability to hire more officers.
  • Video News Blog #262 BRATTON CONFLICT ON LAPD FEDERAL CONSENT DECREE (13 min) Allegations that LAPD Chief William Bratton may have a conflict of interest in the ongoing LAPD Federal Consent decree that is being monitored by his former employer Kroll & Associates are featured in a thirteen minute Full Disclosure Network™ Video News Blog. In the video are Chief Bratton, Councilman Bernard Parks, LAPD Captain Ken Hillman (ret), Assistant Chief David Gascon (ret), and LAPD Inspector General Jeffery Eglash (ret).

Following each video news blog viewers are invited to participate in an interactive survey by either calling the 1-800-867-7777 Full Disclosure Town Hall (toll free) number or by going to the website at where they can vote and leave comments, adding to the debate. These Video News Blogs are currently featured on the Full Disclosure Network™ website free “On Demand” 24/7, as a public service.

Video clips used in the Full Disclosure™ video blogs are selected from full-length interviews that are featured on 43 cable television systems. Channels and airtimes are available on the website at Since 1992 Full Disclosure™ has been billed as ”the news behind the news” and guests have included most of the U. S. Attorneys General, Special Prosecutors and Independent Counsels involved in Presidential Investigations, as well as Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, Civil Rights lawyers and citizen activists, journalists and other government officials from local, State and Federal agencies.

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