Sunday, April 02, 2006

Video News Blogs To Reveal TABOO Policies on Cable TV

Los Angeles, CA Full Disclosure Network™ for the first time will spotlight Video News Blog Special #10 on 43 cable television systems starting April 3, 2006. Described here are three Video News Blogs on TABOO policies rarely covered by the mainstream media. Featuring Cardinal Roger Mahony, District Attorney Steve Cooley, Sheriff Lee Baca, and angry citizens over CUSD recall election corruption.


Video News Blog #25
Cardinal Mahony’s Latino Agenda on Illegal Immigration (6 min) Cardinal Roger Mahony, Fernando Guerra, PhD, Loyolla Marymount University and State Senator Dick Mountjoy (ret) reveal their thoughts on illegal immigration, the role of the Catholic Church in public policy and politics.

Video News Blog #24.
Citizens Revolt Widens as CUSD Recall Election Corrupted (12 min) Exclusive video clips of Citizens in South Orange County who describe the discrepancies and irregularities in the Orange County Registrar of Voters operations which led to the invalidation of thousands of voter signatures and their petition drive to Recall all seven Trustees of the Capistrano Unified School District.

Video News Blog #22
Criminal Aliens Exempted from Three Strikes Law (7 min) This shocking and revealing news video blog L. A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley, Supervisor Michael Antonovich and Sheriff Leroy Baca describing how criminal aliens are NOT prosecuted for felony re-entry under California’s Three Strikes Law.

Following each video news blog viewers are invited to participate in an interactive survey by either calling the 1-800-867-7777 Full Disclosure Town Hall (toll free) number or by going to the website at

Video clips used in the Full Disclosure™ video blogs are selected from full-length interviews that are featured on 43 cable television systems. Channels and airtimes are available on the website Since 1992 Full Disclosure™ has been billed as ”the news behind the news” and guests have included most of the U. S. Attorneys General, Special Prosecutors and Independent Counsels involved in Presidential Investigations, as well as Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, Civil Rights lawyers and citizen activists, journalists and other government officials from local, State and Federal agencies.

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