Sunday, May 28, 2006

Internet Video: LAUSD Brand New School Demolished to be Rebuilt (Cost: 1/2 $Billion)

Los Angeles, CA - Watch the 5 minute Full Disclosure Network™ video featuring exclusive of demolition footage of the brand new and never occupied Belmont Learning Center buildings. The Los Angeles Unifed School District. (LAUSD) has spent approximately 1/2 $billion on this school so far and after ten years is no where near being completed.

This most notorious and costly school construction project in the world was renamed Vista Hermosa and/or Central High #11, and located on a 35 acre site in downtown Los Angeles. The site was purchased "as is" even though it was known to be the "Old Los Angeles Oil Field" where approximately 1000 closed oil wells are located and an earthquake fault. (Click here to view a photo of the Oil Field Site)

These new and never occupied buildings were partially demolished in almost secrecy around Christmas time in December 2004 after costing $330 million, for reasons that are not quite clear.

Former investigators have speculated that the demolition was to facilitate remediation of the toxic hazards, the deadly hydrogensulfide and methane gas that had not been provided for prior to construction. Other speculation surrounds the earthquake fault and the LAUSD administrators who may have simply wanted to change the design.

LAUSD Inspector General Don Mullinax documented volumes of waste, fraud and abuse in his extensive reports. The abuse was referred for prosecution to two L. A. County District Attorneys Gil Garcetti and Steve Cooley. To date no prosecution for crimes has taken place regarding this on-going travesty even though the costs are estimated to be 1/2 $Billion todate, with no end in sight.

This Demolition video is actually a "Special Report" on the Belmont debacle that has been shrouded in secrecy. Even neighbors near the site were unaware of the demolition. When the LAUSD refused to allow Full Disclosure™ cameras on the site to record the demolition we rented an airplane obtain aerial footage and a truck to gain a vantage point to record the event.

To view this video and other programs in the series “Belmont the World’s Most Expensive High School” and "Belmont: The Black Hole of School Construction" please visit our Belmont page for listings and links to other videos on the Belmont disaster at where you can also check the Channel Listings with air times and channels for cable stations by community.

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