Friday, June 02, 2006

Public Response to Illegal Immigration Debate:

Regarding Adelphia Sabotage of L. A. Sheriff's Forum:

And now it starts...sleazy businesses (including the hotel industry of which I am a part ) and the politicians pandering to them have finally reached critical mass in importing illegal low-cost workers. Along with the illegals has come the Latin culture of corruption and lawlessness.

Sure, the Mexicans in Eagle Rock stopped you without the slightest worry about consequences . It's the Latin way. For example, most Mexican journalists either work for or with the establishment and stay away from covering organized crime, or they get shot. We haven't gotten to the point of shooting journalists here in America yet. But it's coming. It's coming. 70 years of socialism is producing the ingredients of a perfect storm.

First, the liberal establishment has undertaken to create a massive, government welfare state that represents itself as the first solution to any problem no matter how local.

Second, through food stamps, unemployment, workman's comp, various welfare/social support programs, tolerance of petty crime, etc., the government has created massive disincentives to work among the native born under- educated.

Third, the government and big business rely on the importation of a work force that still has a work ethic (at least in the first generation) from a country that doesn't have the social support system to create the disincentive to work.

The resulting storm will be the complete destruction of American culture as originally created by the founding fathers. America will become just another European or Latin America country.

Has the Los Angeles Times come to your support on this violation of your first amendment rights and freedom of the press, not to mention the violation of about 10 public access laws?

You just got caught in one of the storm's first little drizzles. Remember, the Mayor's name is what?

Did I tell you that the Wall Street Journal supports amnesty for illegal aliens? They editorialize frequently now on the virtues of immigrant workers, and how US business 'needs' them.

West Los Angeles

Editors Note: For reference to Cable sabotage see this Video Blog:

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