Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Full Disclosure Network™ to appeal Termination by Public Cable Channel

Los Angeles CA The abrupt termination of Emmy award winning Full Disclosure™ public affairs television program on the Los Angeles CityView Channel 35 has prompted appeal of the action to Municipal Access Policy Board, a City entity under auspices of the Los Angeles Information Technology Agency (ITA). Watch this 2 mintue video on what happened

On Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 12:30 p.m. Leslie Dutton, Producer and Host of the Full Disclosure program, will appear before Municipal Access Policy Board at their quarterly meeting, to request a appeal of the city channel's staff decision.

Since 1992 the Full Disclosure program has been featured on the L. A. CityView Channel at no cost to the City, as a public service. Over the years the program has been sponsored on the channel by the following City offices:

*Los Angeles Police Department
*Elected Charter Reform Commission
*Police Commission (Re-appointment of the Chief Series)
*Councilman Dennis Zine
*Councilman Bernard Parks (weekly 1 hour Sat. 12 to 1 p.m.)

The Municipal Access Policy Board is a little known commission that provides oversight and authorization to CityView Government Channel 35. The channel is provided by cable companies to the City as part of their franchise agreements and as such, is considered a public resource.

In 2002 the Academy of Arts and Sciences presented a public affairs Emmy Award to Leslie Dutton, host of the Full Disclosure™ program for the series “L.A.’s War Against Terrorism” featuring LAPD Chief Bernard Parks, Police Union Director Lt. Ken Hillman, L.A. Councilman Mark-Ridley Thomas and L. A. County Sheriff Leroy Baca.

Here is a sampling of the prominent Los Angeles officials who have appeared on the show:

* LAPD Chiefs from Ed Davis to William Bratton,
* Assistant Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs
* LAPD Commanders
* Councilmen, Garcetti, Ridley-Thomas, Parks, Braude, Miscikowski, Zine
* LAPD Commission Presidents Sheinbaum, Fischer, Perez, Cunningham, Caruso
* District Attorneys Gil Garcetti and Steve Cooley
* Prosecutors, Civil Libertarians, Defense Attorneys

Billed as the “the news behind the news” Full Disclosure™ is featured on 43 cable channels and video streamed on the Internet. Channels and airtimes are listed on the website at all provided as a public service to government, educational and public channels.

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