Thursday, July 20, 2006


Councilman Bernard Parks

Los Angeles, CA The removal of the Emmy Award winning Full Disclosure™ program from a public cable channel has sparked a number of complaint calls to the City Government Channel, thus prompting the management to refer complaints to the Council Sponsor of the program who they say was solely responsible terminating the program.

Full Disclosure Network™ is now presenting a 2 minute Video News Alert on their web site, encouraging viewers to express their concerns and urging the program to be restored to the channel line up. The video contains an exclusive one minute tape recorded response from Tony Ighani, Station Manager of the L.A. CityView Channel 35. In the message, Ighani is referring calls from citizens complaining about the abrupt termination of the Full Disclosure™ program on the channel to Councilman Bernard Parks District 8 office by calling 213-473-7008.

The response of the CityView Channel raises questions as to why the program was terminated: no specific allegations of impropriety were cited. The Full Disclosure Network™ —an educational, non-profit organization—has been providing public affairs programming to the CityView Channel, free of charge, as a public service since 1992.

The following June 14, 2006 termination letter was sent by Councilman Bernard Parks office, citing that the Full Disclosure™ program had aired “recent programs with contentious content” and therefore was terminating his sponsorship immediately. This curious Email was sent by Parks to Producer Leslie Dutton, raising more questions than it answered due to the conflicting accounts.

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