Saturday, October 28, 2006

IS THE MASS MEDIA THE ENEMY OF AMERICA? Watch Video News Blog (13 min)

Los Angeles, CA. –The issue of the war in Iraq has pervaded political debate during the 2006 mid-term elections forcing Democrat and Republican candidates to present their positions of supporting or opposing the Bush Administration on the war. The role of the mass media in manipulating public opinion against the war has developed into a topic of interest sparking a Full Disclosure Network™ video debate. In a thirteen minute video news blog FDN explores the issue of whether or not the mass media is the enemy of America. The video is available FREE, 24/7, provided as a public service of FDN

Appearing in the FDN video news blog are:

  • Dr. James Q. Wilson, Ronald Reagan Chair, Pepperdine School of Public Policy.
  • Prof. Murray Fromson, Annenberg School of Communications, (former CBS War Correspondent)
  • Alan Bock, Senior Editorial Writer, Orange County Register
Following a September 26, 2006 presentation by Dr. James Q. Wilson at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Full Disclosure™ interviewed senior high school students from Simi Valley, California, Mark Lewis, Caleb Hargis, Reiley McClendon and Mark Sweeney regarding their reaction to Wilson’s remarks on “War and the mass media”.

In his presentation, James Q Wilson, succinctly defines the modern mass media as portraying a negative image of America, starting with the war in Viet Nam. Citing the media’s effectiveness in turning the attitudes of Americans against the war in Viet Nam, Dr. Wilson warns that our enemies now know that they can use our own American media as an ally to win against our US Armed Forces.

In the video news blog, the perceptive students express their understanding of Dr. Wilson’s message by offering their comments regarding the power of the mass media. They also share their thoughts about the role of citizens and individuals in balancing the negatives presented by the media and it’s influence on public opinion and public policy.

Moderated by Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton, at the end of the video viewers are invited to participate in an interactive survey on the subject and to participate in the blog discussion on the streaming video page of the website. Known as “the news behind the news” Full Disclosure™ cable television programs are featured on 43 cable systems and the Internet since 1992. In 2002 the Full Disclosure special series “L. A.’s War Against Terrorism” was recognized by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with a local Emmy Award for a public affairs, informational series. Channels and airtimes can be found on the website at

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sunday's Cable TV Special: Citizens Outrage Provokes D.A. Raid on School District: Watch 12 min Video Preview

Los Angeles, CA. This Sunday (Oct.29) from 8-9- p.m. and Monday (Oct.30) from 4-5 p.m., the L. A. Cable Channel 36 will premier Full Disclosure Network's™ latest expose; a two-part program showing video of a raid conducted on the CUSD Adminstration headquarters by the District Attorney's office, confiscating computers, file cabinets and evidence. The School District is the target of an on-going Grand Jury investigation that was provoked by a failed citizens campaign to recall all seven CUSD Trustees last year. The program will also air on 43 other cable systems, and on Cox Cable Channel 31 in South Orange County on Wednesday, November 1st at 6 p.m.

Dr. James Fleming, the Superintendent of Capistrano Unified School District resigned office in disgrace, then the county District Attorney raided District offices, the Registrar of Voters was investigated and finally admitted giving the Superintendent illegal access to Recall petitions gathered by angry citizens trying to rid the district of corruption. All this and more details are featured in a FREE 12 minute Internet preview of the FULL DISCLOSURE NETWORK™ series available for viewing, on demand 24/7. Also available for viewing on the same Internet page is the complete, two-part series, Part 1 (#476) and Part 2 (#477), (approximately 1 hour). The videos are provided as a public service of FDN.

FULL DISCLOSURE™ interviewed members of the Capo Recall Committee and local government officials residing in the Capistrano Unified School District over the past several months documenting the course of events in an on going series for cable television and the Internet. Offering an update and behind the scenes commentary on the School District shake-up is Anthony “Tony” Beall, Mayor Pro-Tem of Rancho Santa Margarita who describes the filing of the recall initiative, the refusal to certify thousands of petitions by the Orange County Registrar of Voters and the D.A,’s raid. This part three and four of the series are the latest installments are to be featured on 43 cable systems statewide and on the worldwide Internet beginning October 23, 2006.

Among the leaders and officials featured in the latest installments are:

  • James Fleming, Superintendent, Capistrano Unified School District
  • Sheilia Henness, CUSD Board of Trustees
  • Anthony “Tony” Beall, Mayor Pro-Tem, Rancho Santa Margarita (Recall leader)
  • Gail Reavis, Council member City of Mission Viejo
  • Patricia Kelly, Council member, City of Mission Veijo
  • Gary Thompson, Councilman, City of Rancho Santa Margarita,
  • Neil Blais, Councilman City of Rancho Santa Margarita
  • John Paul Ledesma, Councilman City of Mission Viejo

Other School District issues were cited as having added to the citizen outrage were

  • Instead of firing the Superintendent, CUSD Trustees allowed the Superintendent to retire with a life-long pension at the expense of the children and taxpayers
  • CUSD Board of Trustees unanimously approved paying for the criminal defense of the Superintendent, at the expense of the children and taxpayers

Hosted by Leslie Dutton, the Full Disclosure Network™ public affairs television programs are billed as “the news behind the news” on the Internet website In 2004-5 the program featured a lengthy series en titled Belmont, the World’s Most Expensive High School” and the Los Angeles Unified School District’s extraordinary use of non-voter approved (COP) Bonds known as Certificates of Participation. In 2002 host Leslie Dutton was presented with a local public affairs Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences entitled "L.A.'s War Against Terrorism" Channels and airtimes can be found on the website.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Phony Sample Ballots & Slate Card Election Mailers Deceive Voters: Watch 8 min Video

Los Angeles, CA. Full Disclosure Network™ presents an eight-minute Internet video debate from a two-part series covering questionable campaign tactics used to influence voters on issues and candidates. Now available at URL: “Free” on demand, 24/7 as a public service of the Full Disclosure Network™

Video clips from this two-part cable television series feature
  • Craig Holman, Ph.D, author of Proposition 208, (1996) for the Center for Governmental Studies
  • California Senator Dick Mountjoy, opposes slate card mailers
  • Prof. Daniel Lowenstein, UCLA Law School, a defender of slate card mailers. Lowenstein filed a lawsuit to overturn Prop 208 including the disclosure requirements, on behalf of the slate card mailing operators.

In part 1 Senator Dick Mountjoy reveals how questionable slate card mailers damaged his 1998 campaign with deceitful tactics and points to examples of the “for profit” slate card campaign mailers that they claim promote phony endorsements that have been bought and paid for by the very people purportedly endorsed.

In part-two Craig Holman exposes how phony sample ballots sent out by California Congresswoman Maxine Waters were prepared by a “for profit” slate card mailing operator, in an attempt to deceive voters. UCLA Law Professor Dan Lowenstein countered, saying that oppressive campaign laws were trying to discredit the mailings. He scoffed that if imitating an Official Sample Ballot is a problem, then it should be made illegal.

“If you take away the deceptiveness of a slate card, you take away the effectiveness of a slate card” said Senator Dick Mountjoy He cited the deceptive mailers targeting senior citizens in his Southern California district. He said the slate card mailings used his image and name to falsely imply he had endorsed those candidates. In fact the candidates had paid for the false endorsements. Click here for transcript of quote.

Over the past fourteen years Full Disclosure™ has produced series of programs involving campaign irregularities, voter registration and election fraud. The programs are featured on 43 cable systems and the Internet. In 2002 the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences presented host Leslie Dutton with a local public affairs Emmy Award for the series entitled “L.A.’s War Against Terrorism.”
Watch this 8 minute Internet Exclusive Video Here.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

SUNDAY / MONDAY CABLE TV SPECIAL: L.A. Sheriff Says Mexican Government "DUMPING" Citizens in U.S.: (Video Preview 10 min)

Los Angeles, CA On Sunday, October 15, 2006 8-9 p.m. and re-run on Monday, October 16th at 4-5 p.m. on L. A. Cable Channel 36, L. A. County Sheriff Leroy Baca is featured in a special cable and Internet television series accusing the Mexican government of "dumping" their citizens on the United States.

Watch here a 10 minute video preview of a two-part interview with Sheriff Baca. Listed below are some of the controversial issues covered in this animated and candid interview with host Leslie Dutton. The Full Disclosure Network™ programs (#474-475) will be seen on 43 other cable systems addressing the following:

  • The overcrowding of jails and resulting riots and disturbances
  • The fallacies of an “Open Border” policy.
  • How illegal immigration is overwhelming the resources of Los Angeles.
  • How the government of Mexico and other Latin American countries are irresponsibly dumping their desperate citizens on the United States.
  • The influence of the Mexican Mafia and gangs on local politics and city governments within Los Angeles.
  • The reported conflict regarding the FAA and the unauthorized flight of the Sheriff’s spy plane “Sky Seer”
  • The LA County Board of Supervisors conflict regarding the level of coverage in unincorporated areas vs contract cities
  • Recruiting new Deputies of diverse backgrounds and the lowering of hiring standards to accommodate females and minorities.

Viewers are invited to participate in an online survey and leave comments for interactive discussion on the topics.

Billed as “the news behind the news” the Full Disclosure Network™ is an independent, educational, public affairs cable program featured on 43 cable systems and the worldwide Internet website Hosted by Leslie Dutton, who in 2002 was presented with a public affairs Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for their series entitled “L.A.’s War Against Terrorism”. Channels and airtimes can be found on the website.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Immigration & Cardinal Mahony: Watch L A 36 Cable Channel Sunday Special 8-9 p.m Monday 4-5 p.m. & Internet 24/7

Los Angeles, CA Cardinal Mahoney is featured front and center in the Immigration Reform Debate and is spotlighted on the Full Disclosure Network™ (FDN) Sunday Special, this week, October 8, 2006, from 8-9- p.m. and again on Monday , Oct. 9th 4-5 p.m. on the L.A.Cable Channel 36. This two-part Special can also be viewed on the Internet and 43 cable systems.

This program covers the pros and cons on controversial immigration reform provisions that have stirred emotion and debate among citizens and in the religious and activist communities across the nation.


  • Segment #1: Video News Blog #29 "Cardinal Antagonizes Catholics on Immigration Stance" (7:33 min).Featuring Cardinal Roger Mahony and International Broadcaster Stanley Interrante of “Catholic News & Views” who provide their conflicting opinions on proposed legislation and the Cardinal’s responsibilities. Following the Cardinal’s statement, that he would ask his priests to defy a proposed Immigration law now before the U. S. Congress, Father Michael Guiterrez of St. Anne Catholic Church in Santa Monica declared that his church would welcome immigrants regardless of any laws Congress may pass saying “This is not our Law, we follow God’s law.” Provisions of the Catholic Catechism are cited by Interrante to demonstrate that any such action by the Mahony and his priests would against the teachings of the Church.

  • Segment #2: Video News Blog #28 Inside the Boycott: Legitimate or Racist? (10 min) The behind the scenes footage of illegal immigrant demonstrations held across the country in March and May 2006 reveals the political agenda of the predominately Mexican organizers and protesters. Featuring commentary from documentary film maker Brook Young, whose exclusive video and audio captures the spirit of the protest. Also, national boycott leader Nativo Lopez describes his instructions to the protesters for the May Day Labor Boycott.

  • Segment #3: The Politics of Religion Program #461(30 min). it acceptable for Cardinal Roger Mahony to instruct his Priests, Bishops and Catholic lay workers to defy U. S. Immigration Laws in hopes of derailing reform legislation? Full Disclosure Network™ presents the striking but contrasting views of CardinalRoger Mahony and International Radio Broadcaster Stan Interrante, of the “Catholic News & Views”, (St. Joseph Radio).

For a complete listing of channels and airtimes please visit our channel listing. The Full Disclosure Network is billed as "the news behind the news" and featured on 43 cable systems and the Internet at In 2002 host Leslie Dutton was recognized by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences when she was presented with a local public affairs Emmy Award for the series "L.A.'s War Against Terrorism" featuring LAPD Chief Bernard Parks, Lt. Ken Hillman, LA County Sheriff Leroy Baca and Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Los Angeles, CA. - America's most famous journalist turned author, Bob Woodward defends the ethics of the news media and the practice of using un-named sources in a six (6) minute Full Disclosure™ Video News Blog. Woodward debates Edwin Meese, III, the former U. S. Attorney General in the Reagan administration at a Full Disclosure Network Forum held in Washington D.C. in 2000. This free video blog is available 24/7, on demand as a public service at the URL:

Billed as "the news behind the news" this Full Disclosure™ debate opens with comments from prominent Internet Blogger Michael Williams (Master of None) who fears that exempting news reporters from Federal Grand Jury subpoenas in the name of protecting their sources could lead to widespread abuse. Williams suggests that such an exemption could be extended to ordinary citizens such a bloggers.

Ed Meese attacked the use of un-named sources saying that the public could not determine for themselves whether the source was credible. Woodward counters the attack saying that un-named sources are tested for credibility, by the reporters. The Bob Woodward and Ed Meese debate took place in Washington D. C. as part of the Full Disclosure Network™ series entitled "The Prosecutor & The Presidency", exploring how America investigates the Presidency.

Hosted by Leslie Dutton, the Full Disclosure™ cable television programs have been featured on 43 cable systems for the past fourteen years and the worldwide Internet website In 2002 the program was presented with a public affairs Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences entitled "L.A.'s War Against Terrorism." Channels and airtimes can be found on the website.