Friday, November 24, 2006


Los Angeles, CA: Hispanic gang specialist, retired L.A. Sheriffs Sgt. Richard Valdemar told Full Disclosure Network™ “It is my duty as a Hispanic to talk about this (the illegal immigration issue) because you cannot, you would be called a racist.” In a six minute video preview of part four of a four part Special Series of interviews, Valdemar describes what it was like to work for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for 33 years while having to deal with legal and illegal Mexican immigrants in a city that has become known as “the illegal immigration capitol of the nation”.

Part 3 and 4 of the series to be featured on L. A. Cable Channel 36 this Sunday, Nov. 26th 8-9 p.m. and Monday, Nov. 27th 4-5 p.m. The preview video is to be featured on the Internet 24/7 and the full programs will run on 43 cable television systems, as part the Full Disclosure Network’s™ regular programming. The interview is conducted by Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton.

Sgt. Valdemar (ret) makes the following points in this Part-four of the Special Series:

  • Special Order 40 was the name of the LAPD policy not to report illegal aliens to Federal immigration authorities, the L.A. County Sheriff’s policy was similar
  • Illegals stay loyal to Mexico: Years ago illegal aliens who stayed in the country and made it their home, became loyal to the United States; now he says “they stay loyal to Mexico and they hate us.”
  • Victims vs Villains: While American law enforcement officers are considered the villains, the illegals are considered victims of the “coyotes” the human smugglers who often rob, rape and abuse them.
  • Minutemen are not racist: The Minuteman movement came about to discourage illegal border crossings. They are not racists, not Nazis, not whacko, they are level headed citizens, including Hispanics and even little old ladies.
  • Illegal Immigration has always been associated with crime, gangs and drugs.
  • NAFTA opened the door (borders) to drug cartels and corruption of our entire system, including political campaigns, law enforcement, etc.
  • Drug Busts Corrupt Law Enforcement: When drug money is seized in the huge quantities, the money goes to the law enforcement agency but the drugs go back out on the street.
  • Illegal Immigration Corrupts the System: When local and federal law enforcement turns their head, when employers and unions conspire to hire under the table to give lower wages and no benefits they exploit the workers and disregard the laws that were made to be enforced.
  • Multinational Banking policies undermine American values: The World Bank, the Bank of America and others don’t care about our nation’s sovereignty, they have a stranglehold on our economy and now routinely charge 24-28 percent interest when the crime of “Usury” used to be enforced when anyone charged more than ten percent interest. Check cashing policies penalize citizens and money transfers are luring illegal immigrants to come here to use our system.
  • Can We Stop the Decline of the United States? Sgt. Valdemar says Mexico is sending their problem to the U.S. demanding open borders. He says mass amnesty is not an option but points out that having been trained to be a "radical" activist in the Los Angeles Schools, he learned it all starts in the community. He suggests we can return to middle ground, stop corruption, evil and open borders "if we each start by changing our own community."

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