Saturday, January 27, 2007


Los Angeles, CA. Full Disclosure Network’s™ (FDN) features three Video News Blogs covering "the news behind the news" that the mainstream media is not reporting on such issues as:
(1) Arizona vs California JAILS and who runs the toughest jails?
(2) 40 Billions in Public Bonds that may never be spent on what voters approved.
(3) How the Mass Media is influencing the outcome of WARS.

Click on the title/link to access the streaming video page.

  • Video News Blog #36: “Which Sheriff Has the Toughest Jails?” (8:11 min) Video debate between L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca and Arizona, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio compare the conditions, meals and rules in their respective jails. Sheriff Joe brags that he serves inmates green baloney sandwiches and Sheriff Lee Baca says Sheriff Joe doesn’t have to abide by the strict rules passed by the California Legislature regarding jail conditions and treatment of prisoners.

  • Video News Blog #38:$40 Billion Bond: November Fools Joke?" (9:53 Min) Were California voters fooled by the $40 billion in infrastructure bonds they approved in the November 2006 election, because there was no organized opposition to the massive ballot proposals? The shocking truth about the historic campaign for the massive bond measures is revealed in a nine minute Full Disclosure™ Video News Blog covering a debate hosted by the Milken Institute just days before the election. Featuring: James McNulty, CEO Parsons Corp., Dr. Adrian Moore, Reason Foundation, California Senator Don Perata, and B. Scott Minerd, Guggenheim Partners, Asset Management.

  • Video News Blog #37: “War & The Mass Media” (13:02) The role of the mass media in manipulating public opinion against the war has developed into a topic of interest sparking a Full Disclosure Network™ video debate. In a thirteen minute video news blog FDN explores the issue of whether or not the mass media is the enemy of America. The video is available FREE, 24/7, provided as a public service of FDN Appearing in the FDN video news blog are: Dr. James Q. Wilson, Ronald Reagan Chair, Pepperdine School of Public Policy. Prof. Murray Fromson, Annenberg School of Communications, (former CBS War Correspondent) Alan Bock, Senior Editorial Writer, Orange County Register

    Full Disclosure™ video news blogs invite viewers to participate in a online survey on the topics and to leave their comments and debate the issue. A cable channel guide is listed by community and air times on the website. In 2002 Leslie Dutton, host of the program was recognized by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences with a local public affairs Emmy Award for the series entitled “L.A.’s War Against Terrorism” featuring LAPD Chief Bernard Parks, L. A .Sheriff Leroy Baca, LAPD Captain Ken Hillman and L. A. Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Is Ethanol The Answer To Bio Fuel Mandate?: Watch Internet Video Preview (6 min)

Los Angeles, CA. The Full Disclosure Network™ (FDN) presents a six minute Internet Video preview, on demand, 24/7, with former California Secretary of State Bill Jones, founder and chairman of the board of Pacific Ethanol Corporation. The entire interview is scheduled to be shown on 43 cable systems and on the L. A Cable Channel 36 at 8-9 p.m. on Sunday (Jan. 21st) and Monday from 4-5 p.m. (Jan 22nd), as a public service of FDN. Bill Jones covered the following issues:

What are the reasons for shifting to Ethanol instead of gasoline made from fossil fuels?

  • Ban on MTBE the gasoline oxygenate because of ground water pollution
  • Federal Government, Bush Administration moving away from dependence on foreign oil
  • Ethanol is a renewable fuel, made from corn, more readily available than fossil fuels
  • California’s dairy industry uses corn, logistics for distilling ethanol in the state are good

What pressures have generated political support for Ethanol as an alternative fuel?

  • Environmental demands to reduce hydrocarbons
  • Public outrage at gasoline pump prices
  • Infrastructure for process/delivery of Ethanol already in place
  • Desire to create more employment and increase tax revenue

Will government maintain support for Bio Fuel incentives?

  • Crisis management does cause shift in focus but conditions appear favorable
  • The U.S. is currently producing 4.5 billion gallons Ethanol annually
  • We need 7.5 billion gallons annually and are importing the difference from Brazil
  • Growing need for less dependence for foreign oil from Iran, Iraq, Venezuela
  • Open market for Ethanol

Billed as “the news behind the news” Full Disclosure Network™ programs are hosted Leslie Dutton, a 2001 Public Affairs Emmy Award winner. The programs are featured on 43 cable television systems and via Internet video streaming at Over the past fifteen years the Full Disclosure Network ™ programs have explored government policies, politics, corruption and reform, interviewing all the cable channels are listed by community and air times on the website.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Los Angeles, CA. The Full Disclosure Network™ (FDN) presents a seven minute Internet Video, on demand, 24/7, with former California Assemblyman Bill Jones, the Legislative author of the Three Strikes Law along with law enforcement critics of the law. The entire interview is scheduled to be shown on 43 cable systems as a public service of FDN. Those appearing in the program with Bill Jones are:
  • L. A. County Sheriff Leroy Baca
  • LAPD Chief William Bratton
  • L. A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley
  • L. A. Special Assistant District Attorney Anthony Patchett (ret)

According to Bill Jones the Three Strikes Law can be measured by these successes:

  • 50 percent drop in crime since 1994 when law was enacted
  • Exodus of Parolees to other states
  • Billions of dollars saved by deterring crime
  • Reduction in projected prison population
  • Eliminated plea bargaining

Objections raised by law enforcement critics:

  • Supervised Judges could do better without the Three Strikes Law……Chief Wm. Bratton
  • Don’t want grandpas going to jail for stealing bread……..Sheriff Leroy Baca
  • Abuse of Penal Code 422 is coercive …….Anthony Patchett
  • We don’t prosecute less serious crimes as Third Strike………..D.A. Steve Cooley

Billed as “the news behind the news” Full Disclosure Network™ programs are hosted by Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton and featured on 43 cable television systems and the Internet at Over the past thirteen years the Full Disclosure Network ™ programs have explored police policies, politics, corruption and reform, interviewing all the Cable channels are listed by community and air times on the website.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sun-Mon Cable TV Special: Public Pensions & Bonds: Experts Expose $Billions of Debt

Los Angeles, CA In a bombshell expose of California’s massive unfunded public employee benefits Full Disclosure Network™ is featuring a two-part series with public employee officials and finance expert B. Scott Minerd, CEO Guggenheim Partners, Asset Management to debut on L.A. Cable Channel 36 Sunday, January 7th from 8-9 p.m. and on Monday, January 8th from 4-5 p.m. An eleven minute preview is available 24/7 for viewing here as a public service. The program is distributed to 43 cable systems. DVDs of the complete series are available upon request.

Scott Minerd was a moderator at the Milken Institute’s “State of the State Conference” last fall, for a panel discussion entitled “The Ticking Time Bomb. Expert panelists featured are:

  • Hon. Keith Richman, MD, California State Assembly
  • Carl De Maio, CEO Performance Institute
  • Jack Ehnes, CEO California State Teachers Retirement System (CALSTRS)
  • Dave Low, California School Employees Association
  • Barbara Lloyd, Sr. Vice President Lehman Brothers
Highlights from the six segments in the Full Disclosure™ series:

Segment #1: Scott Minerd describes his role as a Managing Director of Credit Suisse when he exposed the risky concentration in derivative securities which directly led to the liquidation of the Orange County investment portfolio and the county's subsequent bankruptcy. He defines the new GASB (General Accounting Standard Board) rules and estimates new disclosures will reveal $300 to $400 billion in unrecorded benefits owed to California public employees.

Segment #2: Will municipal bankruptcies spread across California? Minerd suggests that pension benefit debt is unanticipated by the public and bond rating companies. The $300-$400 billion debt is “present value” but Minerd adds” the actual sum is more likely a trillion dollars.”

Segment #3: How widespread are the unfunded liabilities? Assemblyman Keith Richman cites the counties of San Diego, Contra Costa and Orange County (again) that have billions in unfunded public employee pension benefits. Minerd suggests the alternatives: (1) Attempt to fund now (2) Ignore and pay as you go, hoping for the best (3) Break the promises made to public employees by redefining benefits, employees working longer, caps on amount of benefits.

Segment #4: What role have politicians and public employee unions played in this crisis? Carl DeMaio CEO Performance Institute cites retroactive benefits approved by elected officials, and pension benefit debt is $130 billion before unfunded health care benefits that is three times all outstanding debt now in California. Keith Richman cites State Legislative Analyst reports that School Districts are likely to go bankrupt, citing LAUSD’s own report of $10 billion debt that will cost $2,100 per student per year for the next 30 years to pay off.

Segment #5: Barbara Lloyd of Lehman Bros. Cites that only ten percent of Counties have funded or partially funded public employee benefit plans. And, that these plans include coverage for spouses, survivors even after medicare age. Scott Minerd suggests that the stock market performance on benefit plan investments have no impact on government pension plans where no money has been set aside.

Segment #6: Infrastructure Bonds of $40 billion will cost another $40 billion in interest. Scott Minerd and other experts on the Milken Institute panel maintained that infrastructure projects should be paid for out of the general fund because it is an investment in the future. “The electorate is as guilty as the politicians….by saying what is good for me today, let someone else pay for tomorrow” Minerd suggested that when voters approved the bonds “all it did was allow the state to spend more on other things and not to address the true fiscal issues.”

Billed as “the news behind the news” the Full Disclosure Network™ is an independent, educational, public affairs cable and Internet television program available from the website Hosted by Leslie Dutton, who in 2002 was presented with a local public affairs Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for their series entitled “L.A.’s War Against Terrorism”.