Monday, February 26, 2007

High Ranking Deputy Sheriffs Censored on Illegal Immigration Cable Show: Caught on Video (12 min)

Los Angeles, CA. Caught on video tape, four high ranking L. A. County Deputy Sheriffs were censored by a cable television studio crew when they attempted to present their views and remedies on a Full Disclosure Forum on illegal immigration last May. Watch this 12 minute video news blog here . Let us know what you think. Was this intentional sabotage of ranking law enforcement officials who were prevented from giving their views in a candidate forum or was it simply the fact the studio crew wanted to go home? Please post your vote and your comments on the video streaming page after viewing the video.

According to the video tape, the all Hispanic studio crew of the Adelphia public access cable channel ordered the Full Disclosure Sheriff's Forum production shut down and demanded them to vacate the studio immediately, in what appeared to be an effort to prevent the Sheriffs from presenting their views on illegal immigration n the last segment of the program.

In spite of shut-down, three of the four Sheriffs later videotaped their statements at another location and the program was cablecast on all but the L. A. Cityview Channel 35, which refused to run the program. The Sheriff's statements are included in this Full Disclosure™ Video News Blog.

The cable studio crew ordering the Sheriff's to leave (on tape) as they shut-down the production , were long time employees of cable company. The high ranking Sheriff officials who were ordered out the of studio were: Captain Ray Leyva, Captain Ken Masse, (ret), Lt. Don Meredith and Sheriff's Sgt. Paul Jernigan. Also ushered out the control room was seventeen time Emmy Award winning Director Harry Kooperstein who has served many terms on the Board of Governors of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and Leslie Dutton Full Disclosure™ host, moderator and Emmy Award winner and Producer T. J. Johnston.

There were strong indications the cable crew's actions were intenional because the producers had reserved the studio for 4 p.m. for a duration of two hours. The studio crew did not interrupt the production until Leslie Dutton, host of the program announced the last segment was to cover illegal immigration.

The one hour the Full Disclosure Network™ Sheriffs Forum was cable cast throughout California on 43 cable systems and the illegal immigration segment has been video streamed on the Internet 24/7, on demand, as a public service of the Full Disclosure Network. Regular channels and airtimes are available from the website.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Las Angeles, CA. –Former L.A. Community College Trustee and Teacher, Pat Owens, is mad as hell and he is not going to take it any more. In a seven minute preview of a Full Disclosure Network™ (FDN) two-part series Owens describes what made him so mad and why he has recruited “a non-controlled slate of candidates to take on ‘the good old boys’ of the powerful “Berman-Waxman political machine” in an attempt to return accountability to the taxpayers of the District.

The former L.A. Trade Tech Teacher Pat Owens, told Full Disclosure Network™ the well entrenched LACCD incumbents are hand picked to keep the American Federation of Teachers Guild (union) in control of the largest Community College District in the United States with a budget of $640 million and recent bond revenues of over a billion dollars. Available now for viewing on the Internet are the complete two-part series as well as the seven minute preview, FREE, on demand as a public service of the FDN.

Full Disclosure Network™ was notified by the LACCD Secretary of the Board of Trustees that the incumbent Trustees had been informed of our invitation to them to participate in interviews for this program. However, to date there has been no response from any of them even though we also sent an Email request to the Chancellor's office asking for contact phone numbers. Our invitation will remain open amd we hope they will respond before the election to give us their perspective.

The following individuals were interviewed for this program by the Full Disclosure Network™

  • Pat Owens, Former LACCD Trustee and L.A. Trade Tech teacher
  • Roy Burns, Police Science Instuctor (LACCD) Retired L.A. Sheriff’s Deputy
  • Jozeph Essavi, Board Member, Neighborhood Council, Former LACCD student
  • Hector Gurule, Computer Businessman
  • Guy Mato, Real Estate,Insurance, Deputy Sheriff (ret), Former GM Water Board

Here are some the issues and concerns raised regarding the conduct of the LACCD Board of Trustees:

  • Questionable timing of the resignation of Board President Michael Waxman.
  • Wasteful spending on three administration buildings, diverting money from education programs
  • Union-operated student book stores use questionable 50% + mark-up prices
  • Cuts in vocational training programs
  • Reducing units per class, downgrading value of the traditional degree, requiring more than 2 years.
  • Trustees meetings too frequently held in closed sessions, lack of community input/participation.
  • Need for audit of district financials due to questionable spending of bond funds on parking, etc.

Hosted by Leslie Dutton, the Full Disclosure Network™ the programs are billed as “the news behind the news” on the Internet website and on 43 cable television systems. In 2004-5 FDN featured a series entitled "Belmont, the World’s Most Expensive High School” covering the Los Angeles Unified School District. In 2006 FDN produced a special series on the Orange County, California Capistrano Unified School District Recall Campaign resulting with the resignation of CUSD Superintendent, and defeat of three elected Board Trustees. Channels and airtimes can be found on the website.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Video Reveals: Criminal Aliens Exempt From Three Strikes Law

Los Angeles, CA. In seven-minute video news blog the Full Disclosure Network™ presents L. A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley, Supervisor Michael Antonovich and Sheriff Leroy Baca describing how criminal aliens are NOT prosecuted under California’s Three Strikes Law.

This shocking and revealing video can be viewed free, “On Demand”, 24/7 as a public service. This presentation is moderated by Emmy Awarding winning host Leslie Dutton and is compiled of video clips from exclusive interviews with law enforcement, prosecution and elected officials. These interviews were conducted to determine the enforcement policies of local agencies regarding criminal aliens.

Full Disclosure Network determined that when criminal aliens have been convicted of a crime in California, they serve their time in prison and then are deported out of the country. But according to law enforcement and elected officials, many if not most, of them come back to California six to ten times, each time they return, they are committing a felony vilolation of U. S. Immigration law, but are not prosecuted under the Three Strikes Law or by the Federal Government.

D A Steve Cooley told Full Disclosure Network's™ Leslie Dutton, “Our Three Strikes Law does not take into consideration a person’s (illegal) status.” Sheriff Baca tells Dutton in the video blog that the Three Strikes Law applies to serious felonies such as assault, murder, or robbery. When asked why criminal aliens were not subject to the Three Strikes Law, Supervisor Michael Antonovich described the process as “it’s kind of like ‘Kings X sometimes’.

In this video news blog Sheriff Baca states that there are 40,000 illegal criminals in California State prisons right now and that criminal aliens occupy 23 percent of all the L. A. County jails. Without mentioning the failure to prosecute the repeated felonies by these criminal aliens, he went on to say the federal government should be paying for cost and care of these criminals in our jails. Baca also said it is costing California $170 million per year to house the criminal aliens and the Federal government is only re-imbursing $13 to $14 million per year.

Over the past thirteen years Full Disclosure™ programs have been billed as “the news behind the news” and are featured on 43 cable systems and the Internet at The programs have explored police policies, politics, corruption and reform, interviewing all the LAPD Chiefs from Ed Davis to William Bratton as well as the Southern California County Sheriffs and most U.S. Attorneys General and Special Prosecutors involved in Presidential investigations. Cable channels are listed by community and air times on the website. In 2002 the program was presented with a public affairs EMMY Award for the series “L. A.’s War Against Terrorism”.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Why We Are Losing The War Against Gangs: Free Internet Video (8:30 min)

Watch this eight minute preview from a four-part Full Disclosure(tm) cable TV series hosted by Emmy Award winning Leslie Dutton and featuring retired L. A. County Sheriff's Sgt. Richard Valdemar who describes his roots as a community youth organizer, growing up in the Compton/Willowbrook area of Los Angeles. He says he was groomed by the Los Angeles public school system as a youth leader and at the age of 17 he was sent to a world youth leadership conference in Puerto Rico where he met others who it turned out were dedicated to bringing about social revolution in America.

  • CHOSE POLICE WORK INSTEAD: Shunning the radical social movement, Valdemar chose instead to join the U.S. military to become one of the first minority members of the Military Police, serving in Viet Nam and unsuspectingly prepared for his life’s work as an international gang specialist.

  • UNDER COVER BROWN BERET: In the L. A. County Sheriff's Deptartment we was an undercover agent in the Brown Berets, he routinely encountered hard core gang violence. He describes what causes young people to develop positive and negative attitudes toward local police and their tactics. And, he points out that we are losing the war against gangs primarily because law enforcement destroyed records and intelligence gathered on some of the most dangerous gangsters due to fear of lawsuits. To this day he says Los Angeles law enforcement shuns intelligence gathering on gangs and subversive groups.

  • GANG CANCER SPREADING: Valdemar relates how the gang culture evolved to exporting a violent and dangerous lifestyle to other parts of the U.S. and foreign countries. He describes the L.A. County Sheriff Department’s successful OSS gang program and how it was dismantled by elected politicians. Criminal illegal aliens use false documents to smuggle drugs and humans for huge profit which has greatly contributed to the spread of the gang cancer. He also notes the California “Three Strikes” law does not apply to illegal criminal aliens.

  • GANGS, AIRPORTS & SECURITY: As a gang graffiti expert, he discovered that rival gang members, without background checks, are employed by airlines to load baggage into cargo holds, having access to high security areas, and are NOT screened, as are passengers. He talks about how the lack of security screening presents dangerous opportunities for gangs to be recruited by terrorists. He cited one such incident where a gang-planned bombing of a Synagogue in West Los Angeles was foiled by law enforcement.

The entire four-part series with Sgt. Richard Valdemar is featured on 43 cable systems with preview segments video streaming FREE, on demand 24/7 from the Internet at at this URL: The Full Disclosure Network(tm) is known as "the news behind the news" and is an independent, educational, public affairs cable program hosted by Leslie Dutton. In 2002 the FDN program was presented with a public affairs Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for their series entitled "L.A.'s War Against Terrorism". Channels and airtimes can be found on the website.