Saturday, March 17, 2007


Los Angeles, CA: Three top cops debate whether or not police policy should prohibit officers from chasing criminal suspects on foot when they are alone or without police back-up. In an eight minute Video News Blog, Full Disclosure Network™ presents a dynamic exchange of views as presented by LASD Chief William McSweeney, Detective Roy Burns,(retired LASD) and LAPD Captain Ken Hillman, (retired). The video is available for viewing FREE, on demand, 24/7 as a public service of the Full Disclosure Network™.

Here are a few points made during this debate:

  1. CHIEF BILL McSWEENEY: Says that Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has a policy prohibiting a single patrol Deputy from chasing and challenging a suspect on foot. The Department policy says that they are not to physically engage the suspect so as not to endanger the officer or the suspect.
  2. DET. ROY BURNS, LASD (ret) Points out that in Compton, the 4th most dangerous city in America, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department only has one officer assigned to each patrol car. He says foot pursuit ban is not needed due to the fact it has been over 20 years since the last LASD Deputy was killed in a foot pursuit and only four in the last 50 years.
  3. CAPTAIN: KEN HILLMAN: Says management should “never restrict officers from doing their duty" and then asks..."what kind of a message does that send to the community and to gang members?” “Do we really want our officers only to be a clean up crew to crime scenes?”

Following the video news debate viewers are asked to participate in an online survey by casting their vote on questions pertaining to the issue. They are also asked to leave their comments and to join in the online blog discussion of the issue.

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