Saturday, May 12, 2007

Police Reformers Control The LAPD: Online Video

Los Angeles, CA The Full Disclosure Network® presents two part exclusive intertview with retired LAPD Captain Ken Hillman about how the Los Angeles Police Department was politicized after the Rodney King incident and the 1992 L.A. Riots. Here is Part 1 of the Interview (28 min) and here is part 2 of the interview (28 min) both available FREE, 24/7, on demand as a public service. This 2005 interview is being re-released to provide background on the LAPD in light of the current controversy involving the May Day Immigrant demonstrations in MacArthur Park and who controls the LAPD.

Here are some of the highlights of the interview:
  • POLICE REFORMERS POLITICIZE LAPD: Captain Hillman describes the circumstances following the resignation of LAPD Chief Daryl Gates when "police reformers" pushed Charter Amendments. The first reform was "Proposition "F" that provided for the Police Chief's position to become a political appointment giving the Mayor and his hand picked Police Commissioners the power to remove the Chief. A few years later Charter changes made the Deputy Chiefs political appointees as well.
  • PARTISIANS OWN THE LAPD: According to Hillman, whose long career included leadership roles in both the Police Union, as member of the Board of Directors and Captain of the Pacific Division (Command). He describes how powerful partisans seized control of the LAPD. He explains that it was a small politically powerful group who were the masterminds who "reformed" the LAPD. "They own it", he says, the LAPD is now completely politicized. In part-one of the interview Hillman said "the LAPD Chief is now the Mayor's mouthpiece".
  • POLICE UNION EMPOWERED Captain Hillman explains that when the (Civil Rights) partisans took control of the Department it also resulted in empowering the Los Angeles Police Protective League (police union). Hillman describes how the police union was mostly a social, golfing organization until they were threatened by the anti-law enforcement reformers. Prior to the take-over the police union had not played a signifigant role in City politics, but when they did there was an immediate need to protect the rights of officers if the face of the "so called" reforms. He now says the reformers, including the powerful ACLU partisians have complete control over the LAPD .
  • POLICE UNION SUPPORTS MAYOR CAMPAIGN: On this part-two of the Full Disclosure® interview, Captain Hillman said the Police union made a deal with then-candidate Mayor James Hahn, to support his campaign in exchange for his approving the 3/12 work schedule for police officers. This was accomplished due to successful union organizing due to the threat of the anti-police reformers posed. He claims the police union was forced to become more aggressive to defend and protect the rights of officers.

Full Disclosure® host Leslie Dutton has been conducting interviews with law enforcement officials regarding police politics and public policy since 1992, interviewing all the Chief's of Police from Ed Davis to William Bratton and most of the Police Commission Presidents. In 2002 Dutton was presented with a local public affairs Emmy Award by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for the series "L.A.'s War Against Terrorism".

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