Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Los Angeles, CA. – Is it time for Civil Rights lawyers to start watchdogging the Orange County Sheriff and District Attorney? Sheriff Mike Carona says NO. In a nine minute FULL DISCLOSURE NETWORK® video news blog, Sheriff Mike Carona points out there have been no police beatings or riots in Orange County as there were in L.A.

Appearing in the video with Sheriff Carona are ACLU Jail Project Director Mary Tiedeman, Civilian Police Monitor, Merrick Bobb and Mike Gennaco Chief Attorney of the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, Office of Independent Review who all describe what they are doing in Los Angeles.

Sheriff Carona takes on the issue point by point and is adamant that the move to form a Citizen Review Commission in Orange County is totally unnecessary. The FDN video news blog is moderated Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton and available FREE, 24/7, on demand and provided as a public service.

Here are some of the Sheriff Carona's concerns:

  • Another layer of bureaucracy. According to Carona, his administration has worked tirelessly to engage citizens in his operation. There are already several civilian organizations currently reviewing his department’s policies and procedures.
  • The Orange County Grand Jury: The current Grand Jury is empowered with full legal authority to investigate and bring charges against the Sheriff Department and any officer or employee of that organization.
  • Sheriff's Advisory Boards are already providing oversight and input
  • OC Human Relations Commission is already in place and could be assigned additional oversight to law enforcement without forming another new agency of lawyers.

Following the video VIEWERS ARE ASKED TO VOTE on the following survey questions:

  • Do you think that the move to have more civilian monitoring is a move to give the politicians more control over the sheriff’s department?
  • Is this just a political ploy to criticize law enforcement?
  • Does your community law enforcement need to be monitored by a citizens review board?

Viewers are also invited to participate in the video news blog discussion by posting comments below the streaming video. Known as “the news behind the news” Full Disclosure Network® cable television programs are featured on 43 cable systems and the Internet since 1992. In 2002 the Full Disclosure® special series “L. A.’s War Against Terrorism” was recognized by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with a local Emmy Award for a public affairs, informational series. Channels and air times can be found on the website at

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