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Los Angeles, CA. -- A former TV and Radio personality who also served as a LAPD Disciplinary Hearing Officer, alleges the Police Commission is participating in a “cover up” of responsibility for the police beatings that occurred in Mac Arthur Park during the immigrant rally on May Day. FULL DISCLOSURE NETWORK® presents an eight minute Video News Blog featuring Xavier Hermosillo's remarks and in sharp contrast the comments from LAPD Police Commission President John Mack and former Police Commission President Edith Perez. The video is available for viewing on the Internet 24/7, on demand as a public service.

Here are a few highlights from the Video News Blog:

  • Xavier Hermosillo, maintains the Commission used a much different process to evaluate former Chief Bernard Parks than they did with Bill Bratton and they did so out of the public eye.
  • John Mack, current President of the Police Commission praises Bratton as “a man of the 21st Century”.
  • Edith Perez: Former President of the Commission describes the thorough evaluation process used when considering Chief Willie Williams for re-appointment.
  • Police Shootings & Beatings: Hermosillo points out major incidents that happened on Bratton’s watch, citing the Devon Brown shooting, Susie Pena shooting and the Stanley Miller flashlight beating.
  • Xavier Hermosillo says that Bratton is blaming others for what should be his responsibility, citing his own phone call to NYPD where he claims they verified one hundred flashlight beating incidents in New York, while Bratton was Chief.
  • Corruption, in the City of Los Angeles, is what Hermosillo says has led to the current situation and he blames Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who has the ultimate responsibility for appointing a Chief.


  • Do you think the Los Angeles Police Commission merely rubberstamped Bratton’s reappointment because Mayor Villaraigosa wanted Bratton to remain as chief?
  • Do you agree that Bill Bratton should serve another five year term as Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department?
  • Do you think it was proper to reappoint Chief Bratton while the May 1st “May Day Melee” is still under investigation?
  • Why do you think the Los Angeles media has become silent after suffering abuse at the hands of the LAPD

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