Monday, August 13, 2007

L. A. District Attorney & Sheriff Politics Kill Gangs, Drugs & Immigration Conference


Los Angeles, CA Organizers of the September 5-7th law enforcement training conference on “Gangs, Drugs, & Immigration” scheduled to be held at the Westin Los Angeles Bonaventure Hotel, have announced the event has been cancelled due to political infighting attributed to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. This was to have been the first-ever law enforcement training conference sponsored by citizens for both prosecutors and law enforcement officers.
The scheduled instructors who were to conduct the training are top experts in their field and long-time POST certified instructors, recognized by the California Commission on Police Standards & Training (POST) and representatives from the Orange County District Attorney's Gang Injunction programs and Asian Gang Investigators. In addition, the U. S. Border Patrol was to make a presentation on border violence.
  • L.A. D.A. Office Interferes: "We were unable to muster support and cooperation from the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department (LASD) who had pledged to participate in the event,” claims conference organizer T. J. Johnston, Executive Director of the Citizens Protection Alliance. He said the problems started when the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office raised objections to the event.
  • Conflict With The L.A. County District Attorney? Johnston said the first indication of dissention came on June 21st when the CPA received an E-mail from Sheriff Leroy Baca’s staff raising the issue of a possible “conflict” with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office and the ADDA, another co-sponsoring organization. “The L. A. County Sheriff's Department (LASD) had pledged to promote the conference via their internal communication system known as ‘JDIC’, but once the L. A. County District Attorney’s conflict surfaced, Sheriff Baca's support quickly evaporated.” Johnston said

L.A.D.A.'s Interference Cited By CPA's Johnston:

  • “The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office contacted the California Commission on Police Officer & Training (POST), and in a series of email messages, falsely stated that the conference did not have the support of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and raised concerns about the 'legitimacy' of the seminar,” Johnston said.
  • Two District Attorney (automobile fraud) Investigators from the DA’s Commerce Office appeared at the CPA office on Friday, July 5th flashing badges to find out who provided the e-mail list of L A. District Attorneys regarding the sending out of the announcements of the law enforcement training conference. They claimed the taxpayer funded e-mail list was “private”.
  • The second week in July Baca’s Chief of Staff verbally notified the CPA that Sheriff Baca was withdrawing all support and participation from the event.
  • In addition to the CPA--a non-profit community organization--the four other organizations letters of support and co-sponsorship are listed here: Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the California District Attorney’s Association and the Deputy District Attorney’s Association

"Even though the Orange County Sheriff and the two District Attorney’s Associations continued their co-sponsorship, LASD’s withdrawal effectively killed the conference by cancelling their support to obtain the POST credentials. Therefore the conference has been cancelled due to the D.A.'s interference and the LASD's unexplained withdrawal of their sponsorship and support." Johnston said. # # # #

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