Thursday, August 02, 2007


Los Angeles, CA. Is it morally right to rescind public safety pension benefits? And is it immoral for elected officials to ignore the RULE OF LAW where the California Constitution prohibits unlawful “Gifts of Public Funds”? The Full Disclosure Network® presents a thirteen minute video news blog debate on these explosive legal and political issues taking place in Orange County, California. Featured in the video is John Moorlach, Vice Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Sheriff Mike Carona and Mario Mainero, Chief of Staff and legal advisor to Moorlach. The debate is moderated by host Leslie Dutton and featured 24/7, on demand from the Full Disclosure® website. Here are just a few highlights from the Video News Blog:
  • Rescind Retroactive Benefits: The Board of Supervisors has unanimously approved John Moorlach’s proposal to start legal proceedings to rescind retroactive pension benefit for Sheriffs Deputies.
  • Untruthful Argument: Sheriff Carona says while he is not a lawyer, all the records he has indicate the Sheriffs Deputies and D A Investigators paid into the pension fund along with the county and that the Board of Supervisors was fully aware of the risk assessment and how to pay the full cost and that the points made (by Moorlach) are not truthful.
  • Why Just Public Safety Pensions? Moorlach explains that other public employees agreed to have the retroactive pension benefits deducted from their pay checks and he claims that no new debt was incurred by their benefits.
  • Pension Benefits Needed: According to Carona to attract good employees in one of the toughest hiring markets 3% at age 50 benefits were needed to recruit top professional law enforcement.
  • Not A Recruiting Tool: Moorlach counters saying that if anything the 3% at 50 is only encouraging deputies to retire and go double dip in another public agency.

REBUTTALS ENCOURAGED: Viewers are invited to participate by posting their comments in the section below on the video page. Known as “the news behind the news” Full Disclosure Network® cable television programs are featured on 43 cable systems and the Internet since 1992. In 2002 the Full Disclosure® special series “L. A.’s War Against Terrorism” was recognized by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with a local Emmy Award for a public affairs, informational series. Channels and airtimes can be found on the website at

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