Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tonight on Cable TV: L.A.'s Jails....Who's Watching The Jailers?


Los Angeles, CA, On CABLE TV TONIGHT & MONDAY, a two-partFull Disclosure Network® special series features representatives from Police Monitoring organizations describing current jail overcrowding and what they do and how they do it to keep the L. A. County Sheriff Leroy Baca and his Department on the straight and narrow.

L.A. Cable Channel 36
Sunday, Sept, 30th 8-9 p.m.
Monday, Oct. 1st 4-5 p.m.


Not on Los Angeles Cable? To view video previews here, click on these links:
Part 1 and Part 2

Featured in this two-part series are:

  • Sheriff Leroy Baca
  • Mark Rosenbaum, ACLU’s Legal Director
  • Mary Tiedeman ACLU Jail Project Director
  • Captain Tim Cornell, LASD Inmate Reception Center
  • Mike Gennaco, Chief Attorney LASD Office of Independent Review
  • Merrick Bobb, Pres. Police Assessment Resource Center (PARC)

Highlights from the two programs are:

  • Explicit details of the numerous problems encountered by both the ACLU monitors and the L.A. County Sheriffs Department are provided in depth.
  • Inmate Riots On Video: jail disturbances on video are featured in the FDN preview and series, to demonstrate the circumstances that exist from time to time and explanations for the cause are provided.
  • Three Civilian Monitors for the Sheriff: The Board of Supervisors already was contracting with Merrick Bobb of PARC, who describes his goal to make law enforcement “effective”.
  • IG Mike Gennaco explains how and why the Sheriff formed the Office of Independent Review with funding from L. A. County Board of Supervisors
  • Roy Burns, former head of ALADS comments on the impact of policies developed by the monitors.

Billed as "the news behind the news" the Full Disclosure Network® is an independent, educational, public affairs cable program sponsored by the Citizens Protection Alliance. Produced by host Leslie Dutton and T.J. Johnston the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences presented FDN with a 2001 Emmy Award for the public affairs series entitled "L.A.'s War Against Terrorism". Channels and airtimes. For the past fifteen years FDN has covered critical public policy issues, in-depth, that are often ignored by the mainstream media.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Public Finance Experts Reveal Taxpayers Billed 100% Interest On Public Bonds

Los Angeles, CA -- According to public finance experts appearing in a new Full Disclosure Network® Video News Blog, the rate of interest on public bonds is 100% and there is alarming trend to issue more and more bonds, with the consent of the voters.
In this eleven minute Internet Video News Blog, (click here) hosted by Leslie Dutton, prominent public finance experts predict that California's $200-to $300 billion dollars in un-funded pension and healthcare benefits for public employees could be paid for with voter approved bonds and that the total cost, with interest would double the amount that voters are actually asked to approve on the ballot.

This development , the experts say, will have a major impact on the State and future generations. The revelations and predictions are now available for viewing on the Internet free, 24/7, on demand,as a public service of the Full Disclosure Network® and soon to be released to 45 Cable Television channels. Click here to watch

Appearing in the Video News Blog are:
  • Keith Richman, M.D., President California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility
  • B. Scott Minerd, CEO Guggenheim Partners, Asset Management
  • Dr. Adrian Moore, Vice President for Research, Reason Foundation
  • Carl DeMaio, President Performance Institute
  • Jack Ehnes, CEO CAL-STRS (Teachers Retirement System)

Here are a few of the points made in the video presentation:

  • "Government is issuing more and more bonds to pay for important infrastructure projects such as dams, bridges, roads, etc. which should be paid for with current taxes. Instead the money is being spent for other things and our government is asking voters to approve debt, so they can keep on spending."

  • "Each California household will pay $1200 to $1600 per year to cover the cost of pension and healthcare benefits for public employee retirees."

  • "The un-funded liability for pensions and healthcare benefits for retired public employees in California is three times the current total outstanding debt, all the bonds."

Since 1992 the Full Disclosure Network® (FDN) programs have been billed as "the news behind the news" and produced by Emmy Award winning Host Leslie Dutton and T. J. Johnston. The FDN programs are featured on 45 cable systems and the Internet website at In 2002 the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences presented a local public affairs Emmy Award to Leslie Dutton for the series L.A.'s WAR AGAINST TERRORISM. Channels and airtimes can be found on the website.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Public Safety Pensions & Union Politics: Sheriff vs County Supervisor (Internet Video Preview 8 min)

Orange County, CA. The Full Disclosure Network ® presents two half-hour cable TV programs in an on-going series covering the escalating Public Pension Crisis. These latest episodes concern the Orange County California battle over public safety employees retroactive pension benefits granted by the Board of Supervisors in 2002. Watch this 8 minute video preview (click here).
Featured in the preview and the programs are:
  • Supervisor John Moorlach who is leading the battle to rescind the “retroactive” portion of pension benefits granted to Deputies and District Attorney’s personnel who have already retired.
  • Sheriff Mike Carona. Defends his Deputies while suggesting that Supervisor Moorlach's motive could nothing more than an adverse reaction to the Deputies Union campaign against him.
  • Mario Mainero, Chief of Staff and legal advisor to Moorlach describes his role in the controversy.

The programs are hosted by Leslie Dutton and featured on 45 cable systems. An eight minute Internet video preview is available (Click Here) on 24/7, on demand from the Full Disclosure® website as a public service.


DEPUTIES PAID TWICE? Supervisor John Moorlach describes state legislation sponsored by public employee unions that enabled public safety employees to receive “retroactive” pension benefits, saying it amounted to being “paid twice for services rendered.” Other Constitutional violations are cited.

BENEFIT ENHANCEMENT: Sheriff Mike Carona explains that the legislation was intended to provide “a benefit enhancement to aid recruiting and retention” of badly needed public safety employees. And, the Board of Supervisors knew the risk and liability before they approved the benefits.

BLINDING GREED? Moorlach claims the reason public safety unions pushed for overly generous benefits is because the Deputies say to themselves “I deserve this” and he says “they are not thinking about the other services that will have to be cut…. “other public services for the homeless, welfare, healthcare and layoffs, people will have to stand I line” he said.

DRACONIAN TACTICS: Sheriff Carona takes issue “with the way he (Moorlach) is going about this”. He says both he and Moorlach were opposed by the public safety union but describes Moorlach’s actions as retaliation and Draconian tactics, by also threatening to take away the Harbor Patrol duties from the Sheriff’s Department, creating a Citizens Oversight Commission for the Sheriff’s Department and removing Department control of a Special Needs Funding Account.

RIGHT THING TO DO ? While John Moorlach describes the move to rescind retroactive benefits as “the right thing to do”, Sheriff Carona describes John Moorlach’s actions as a: full frontal assault against the Deputies” and that it “is not good Statesmanship” saying “He should not be using his authority (as Supervisor) to take it out on them.”

RULE OF LAW: Mario Mainero, Chief of Staff to Supervisor Moolach, cites the Sections of the Constitution where the pension benefits could be considered unlawful and states that this is a “Rule of Law” issue

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sunday On Cable TV: LAPD Chief Bratton on Guns, Shootings, Homeless & Police Policy (Internet Video Preview 8 min)

Los Angeles, CA. September 1, 2007 The Full Disclosure Network® is re-releasing a two-part hour-long interview with LAPD Chief William Bratton, covering controversial issues and providing surprising predictions to be featured on:
L.A. Cable Channel 36
Sunday, September 2nd 8-9 p.m.
Monday, September 3rd, 4-5 p.m.

A free eight minute video preview is available for viewing "On Demand" 24/7 (click here to watch) this public service of the Full Disclosure Network®. In addition the Bratton interview is being featured on 45 other cable systems. The no-holds-barred interview is conducted by Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton and reveals his most candid and remarkable response to troublesome issues that have been plaguing the LAPD for years. Here are just a few short quotes from Chief Bratton:

  • Homeless Policy in L.A. :............ "It's a national disgrace"
  • Ongoing Federal Consent Decree Costs: ........."Nobody really knows"
  • Special Order 40: .........."LAPD officers cannot ask people if they are here legally "
  • Politicizing the LAPD: "If the Mayor says we are to meet (certain) demands, is that politics?"
  • Police Commission overruling the Department on Devon Brown shooting: ...... "So be it"
  • Is Police Commission process on Officer involved shootings fair?: ..... "It is what it is".
  • Does he worry about officer morale when shootings are determined out-of policy? ..... "No I don't"
  • Issuing Concealed Weapon Permits (CCWs):...... "I am a strong gun control advocate"

Chief Bratton told Full Disclosure® even though after five years the Federal Consent Decree was supposed to go away if the LAPD was in compliance, much of the mandated operations would become a permanent part of the department's operations. Four years ago, on Full Disclosure® he predicted the cost of the Federal Consent Decree could be in the hundreds of millions of dollars for a five year period. In this new interview he says that it should be looked upon as an investment.

The Chief also comments on qualifications of the (Mayor appointed) Police Commissioners who have the power to overrule his recommendations, such as on the Devon Brown shooting and when the Department's "Use of Force Board" found it to be "in policy". Bratton explained that Police Commissioners who sit in judgment on officer involved shootings and "use of force" incidents, are not required to have knowledge or experience in police operations, that they make a good faith decision.

Since 1992 many of the Full Disclosure Network® cable television programs have focused on law enforcement policy at the local, state and national level. All LAPD Chiefs from Ed Davis to Chief Bratton have appeared on the program. Other law enforcement officials featured include L.A. County District Attorneys Steve Cooley and Gil Garcetti, L. A. County and Orange County Sheriffs and most of the former U. S. Attorneys General, Special and Independent Presidential Prosecutors,

The Full Disclosure® program is produced by Leslie Dutton and T. J. Johnston and sponsored by the Citizens Protection Alliance, a non-profit, educational organization. In 2002 the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences presented host Dutton with a local Emmy for the public affairs series featuring Los Angeles law enforcement and city officials, entitled " L.A.'s War Against Terrorism". Channels and airtimes can be found on the website.