Sunday, November 25, 2007

Video News Blog Special On Sunday L.A. 36 Cable Channel & More

Los Angeles, CA. Full Disclosure Network® is re-releasing a Video Blog Special two-part series to be featured tonight Sunday and Monday as follows:

L. A Cable Channel 36:
Nov. 25th Sunday
, at 8 p.m. Part 1 8:30 p.m. Part 2
Nov. 26th Monday, at 4 p.m. Part 1 4:30 p.m. Part 2
For a list of other air times & cable channels (click here)

These two-half hour programs feature six short video news blogs on Hot Issues that have been featured only on the Internet. Following each program cable TV viewers are invited to participate in an interactive survey on each Hot Issue via 1-800-867-7777 toll free number or on the Internet website where bloggers are posting comments and sparking further debate.



  • Video Blog #8. (5 min) Mysterious School Financing Disclosed. (10:45 min) L.A. Unified School Board member David Tokofsky describes the LAUSD multi $billion dollar public financing plan. Features 3 minute audio of un-televised Board vote to issue $50 million in non-voter approved Certificates of Participation (COP) Bonds.

  • Video Blog #9. (6:40 min) Budget Buster Bond Defended. Los Angeles Unified School District to net $27 billion in bonds and state matching funds in 7 year period with voter approval of 2005 $3.95 bond measure. California taxpayers contributing half these funds, while L. A. property owners pay again with property taxes. Tokovsky describes how the money is used.

  • Video Blog #12 (8:24 min) Bond Brokers Bilk Taxpayers for Secret Billions? State Controller Kathleen Connell, Jon Coupal of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers, LAUSD Board Member David Tokofsky and former D.A. Prosecutor Anthony Patchett spill the beans on the how the district is able to access $billions of dollars in bonds.

  • Video Blog #10. LAPD, Sheriffs vs FEDS on Illegal Aliens (8 min) The pros and cons of having law enforcement officers arrest criminal illegal immigrants. Featuring former LAPD Chief Daryl Gates, LAPD Commission Presidents Edith Perez and Rick Caruso, and Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona.

  • Video Blog #11. Sheriffs Debate Guns & Badges for Political Donors(7:48 Min) L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca and Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona describe their policies of giving guns and badges to political campaign contributors. One accepts political contributions from Department staff and Deputies the other rejects them.

  • Video Blog #13 Exclusive Jail Riot Video, Policy Debate on Illegal Criminal Inmates (5:45 min) Graphic jail riot video, shows the racial unrest among criminal illegal immigrants and massive overcrowding in So. California jails. Also features L. A. County Sheriff Lee Baca, the late Sheriff Sherman Block and Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona venting their frustration over the revolving door policy which permits 70% of deported criminals to return time and again.

Known as "the news behind the news" Full Disclosure Network® cable television programs are featured on 45 cable systems and the Internet since 1992. Produced by Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton & Producer T. J. Johnston, in 2002 the Full Disclosure® special series "L. A.''s War Against Terrorism" was recognized by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with a local Emmy Award for a public affairs, informational series. Channels and air times and a complete program listing can be found on the website at

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