Friday, February 29, 2008

Gangs. Police Tactics, Prisons, Judges & ACLU

Los Angeles, CA. This Sunday and Monday on Cable TV the Full Disclosure Network® feature six Video News Blogs covering the latest hot button issues and top law enforcement officials as follows:

Sunday, March 2nd 8:00 p.m Part 1
Sunday, March 2nd 8:30 p.m. Part 2
Monday, March 3rd 4:00 p.m. Part 1
Monday, March 3rd 4:30 p.m. Part 2
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Video News Blog #40Massive Prison Release Intended” (8:15 min) Steve Ipsen, President of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys claims the agenda of anti-law enforcement politicians are setting the stage for a massive prision release. He describes who, why and how they have been undermining the “Three Strikes Law” for the past ten years.

Video News Blog #42 “Prison System Condemned in Concealed Report” (10:30 min) California’s Corrections Independent Review Panel, headed by former Gov. George Deukmejian, issued a little known 400 page report costing over $1 million. According to Executive Director Joe A. Gunn, they found the system was in “chaos, a disaster and total disarray” but the Governor Schwarzenegger has ignored the findings.

Video News Blog #41 “Police Solo Foot Pursuit Ban Debated” (8:30) Three top cops debate whether or not police should chase gang members or criminals on foot without back-up or partners. Features LASD Chief Bill McSweeney, former Det. Roy Burns and LAPD Capt.Ken Hillman (ret).

Video News Blog #43
“Are Jails Intended To Be Punishment?” (8 min) A dynamic echange of views about whether jail time should be considered punishment for convicted criminals. Featuring LASD Sgt. Paul Jernigan, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Police Reformer Merrick Bobb.

Video News Blog #45 “Jails, Judges & The ACLU” (7:02 min) Featuring Sheriff Leroy Baca, Former U. S. Attorney General Edwin Meese, III, LASD Sgt. Paul Jernigan, LASD Captain Tim Cornell and Glendale Police Lt. Don Merideth. Revealing discussion who’s behind the early release program in L. A. County jails and why convicted criminals are being released without spending any or very little time in jail.

Video News Blog #44 “The Ultimate Gang Solution” (13:01 min) Should the Courts require juvenile gang members to wear GPS tracking devices to deter adult gang members from using them for unlawful and violent activities? Features Steve Ipsen, President of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, and Jeremy Thompson a retired LASD Deputy from gang detail.

The Full Disclosure Network® is a reality news show, known as “the news behind the news” since 1992 and is an independent, public affairs cable program produced by Host Leslie Dutton and Producer T. J. Johnston. In 2002 the FDN program was presented with a public affairs Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for their series entitled “L.A.’s War Against Terrorism”. Previews of the full programs are featured on the website at

Monday, February 25, 2008

THE ONLY REALITY NEWS PROGRAM: Full Disclosure® Debuts in Las Vegas, Video Report (8 Min)

Had enough of Britney Spears? Tired of Paris Hilton? Want a contrast with the fluff news programming on every day television? You must be ready for the only “Reality News Program” The Full Disclosure Network® has been delivering “the news behind the news” featuring the REAL people discussing and debating the REAL issues with the REAL leaders.

Watch Now:
Two minute video on our activities at NATPE 2008, (National Association of Television Programming Executives) Followed by a one minute backgrounder on “Who We Are” then, followed by a 5 minute video screener showing the “Best of Full Disclosure”

Find out about why Full Disclosure Network:
  • Is so different and unique
  • Why the program motivates viewers into thinking, reasoning and taking action to make our Representative Democracy work.
  • The 8-10 minute Video News Blogs or the full length half hour and hour programs
  • How Full Disclosure Network® involves the audience with opinion-poll surveys and video blog postings
  • The interactive nature of the shows involves people in the actual discussions.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cable TV Tonight: Repeal LAPD's Special Order 40, "Don't Ask Don't Tell" on Illegal Immigrants?: (Video Preview 9 min)

Los Angeles, CA —Is it time for the City of Los Angeles to repeal Special Order 40? This question is posed on the Full Disclosure Network® (FDN) two-part series to be featured on 45 cable channels starting this Sunday, locally on LA36, back to back.

The FDN series covers the non-enforcement policies of immigration laws in the City of Los Angeles and the struggle between the LAPD, Los Angeles County Sheriff and the Federal government for almost three decades.

Sunday, 2-24-08 8-9 p.m. Part 1-Part 2
Monday, 2-25-08 4-5 p.m. Part 1-Part 2
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This series features video clips from full length Full Disclosure interviews originally videotaped in the 1990's and re-released in 2004 as a two-part series covering top law enforcement and elected officials describing their reasons for enacting the "don't ask, don't tell" LAPD policy on illegal immigrants known as Special Order 40 that is still in force to this day.

Appearing in the Full Disclosure® series are:

  • Guest Commentator: LAPD Assistant Chief David Gascon (ret)
  • Former LAPD Chiefs Daryl Gates, Bayan Lewis, Bernard Parks
  • Police Commission Presidents Rick Caruso, David Cunningham, Edith Perez
  • L. A. County Sheriffs Leroy Baca and the late Sherman Block
  • L. A County Supervisor Michael Antonovich
  • LAPD Deputy Chief Art Lopez
  • Los Angeles City Councilman the late Ernani Bernardi
  • INS District Director Richard K Rogers
  • Host: Leslie Dutton

    Here are some highlights from the two-part series:

  • Both Daryl Gates and L. A . County Supervisor Mike Antonovich recount the tragic circumstances where police officers died at the hands of criminals who were also illegal aliens. (Click here for transcript of quotes.)

  • When LAPD Deputy Chief Art Lopez was asked why the LAPD does not enforce immigration laws he told Full Disclosure® host Leslie Dutton “the City Fathers, the City Council and the Police Commission has spoken (they) want to provide services to everybody, regardless of their undocumented status. Unless they break the law, then we’re not going to report things to the INS.”

  • Sheriff Sherman Block describes the enormous cost to the county for jailing criminal illegal aliens.

  • L.A. Councilman Ernani Bernardi describes how he derailed the "Sanctuary City" declaration approved by the City Council when he threatened to sponsor a ballot initiative to give voters an opportunity to approve or disapprove such an action by the L. A. City Council.

Full Disclosure® interviews over the past sixteen years have documented the frustration and confusion of local law enforcement and District INS officials who often complained of lack of cooperation and lack of funding as the reasons why U.S. immigration laws were not being enforced. The programs are billed as "the news behind the news" and are produced by Emmy Award winning Host Leslie Dutton and Producer T. J. Johnston. In 2002 the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences presented the program with a local public affairs Emmy for the series "L.A.s War Against Terrorism.".

Saturday, February 16, 2008

How Mexican Drug Cartels Take Over Local Cities: Sunday on Cable TV (Online Previews 8 min each)

Los Angeles, CA. According to 33 year veteran international gang specialist and retired L.A. Sheriff’s Sergeant Richard Valdemar, Mexican drug cartels have infiltrated city councils and political campaigns in many small cities in Los Angeles County and illegal immigration is threatening the United States.

The L. A . Cable Channel 36 is featuring two segments from a four-part Full Disclosure Network® series with Sgt. Valdemar this Sunday and Monday, as follows:

Sunday, Feb. 17th 8:00 p.m. Part 1 8:30 p.m. Part 2
Monday, Feb. 18th 4:00 p.m. Part 1 4:30 p.m. Part 2
Other cable channels and airtimes by community (click here)

Full Disclosure Network® also presents an online preview with Valdemar covering the impact of the Mexican Mafia gangs, drug cartels and illegal aliens in American cities as a public service from the link below:
Preview Part 1 Drug Cartels Take Over Local Cities ( 8 min)
Preview Part 2 Illegal Immigration Threatens America

Summary of two segments in the Valdemar interview series:

* Sgt. Valdemar cited the following cities as having been infiltrated by the Mexican drug cartels: Lynwood, Bell Gardens, Hawaiian Gardens, South Gate, Huntington Park., Vernon, Cudahy.
* Drug cartels set up phony businesses to launder drug money, usually used car lots, used tire shops that serve as a “front” for their operations.
* Sgt. Valdemar says it all starts when a small business, like a restaurant, is purchased by someone with drug money from Mexico, who sets up shop and starts inviting the city fathers to come for complimentary or discounted meals.
* Then invitations are extended to local police and other government officials, until the business operator is well established, with powerful friends.
* Drug money is used to send out smear campaign literature to destroy reputations of incumbent city council members and to finance the campaigns of challengers whose goal is to get a majority voting block on the city council.
* Once the drug cartel controls the city council, they fire the city attorney, city manager and start giving out contracts, like the trash collection contract, to their cronies.

The entire four-part interview series with Sgt. Richard Valdemar is scheduled to re-run on 45 cable systems. Channels and airtimes can be found on the website. The Full Disclosure Network® is a reality news show, known as “the news behind the news” since 1992 and is an independent, public affairs cable program produced by Host Leslie Dutton and Producer T. J. Johnston. In 2002 the FDN program was presented with a public affairs Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for their series entitled “L.A.’s War Against Terrorism”. Previews of the full programs are featured on the website at