Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sheriff Baca On Jails, Gangs & Illegals: On Cable TV Sunday & Monday (10 min Video Preview here)

Los Angeles, CA L. A. County Sheriff Leroy Baca has been building the case for bigger and better jails to accommodate more and more inmates for the past several years. In a two-part Full Disclosure Network interview Baca describes the jail disturbances and overcrowding in County jails, the court order that forced inmates to back-up into the inmate reception area. And he lashes out at the Mexican Government for “dumping their desperate citizens” on the United States. Watch this 10 minute video preview of a two-part interview with Sheriff Baca that will be featured on Sunday and Monday as follows:
L. A. Cable Channel 36 Sunday March 16th 8 p.m. Part 1
Sunday March 16th 8:30 p.m. Part 2
Monday March 17th 4 p.m. Part 1
Monday March 17th 4:30 p.m. Part 2
Click here for a listing of other cable channels and airtimes

Other issues addressed by Sheriff Baca area:

* The fallacies of an “Open Border” policy.
* Iillegal immigration is overwhelming the resources of Los Angeles.
* Mexican & Latin countries are dumping desperate citizens on the U.S.
* Mexican Mafia influence and gangs on local politics and city governments within Los Angeles.
* LA County Board of Supervisors vs Sheriff on coverage in unincorporated area contracts
* Recruiting Deputies of diverse backgrounds vs lowering hiring standards

Viewers are invited to participate in an online survey and leave comments for interactive discussion on the topics.

Billed as “the news behind the news” the Full Disclosure Network® is an independent, educational, public affairs cable program featured on 43 cable systems and the worldwide Internet website Produced by Emmy winning Host Leslie Dutton and Producer T. J. Johnston. In 2002 the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences presented the show with a local public affairs Emmy for their series entitled “L.A.’s War Against Terrorism”. Channels and airtimes can be found on the website.

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