Saturday, April 05, 2008

Communism's Deadly Effect: Two Views of Hungary

Los Angeles, CA What impact did the many years of Soviet Communist occupation of Hungary have on the culture and society? The Full Disclosure Network® presents a nine minute video preview from a two-part series entitled “Communism’s Deadly Effects” featuring the strikingly different experience of two prominent Hungarians; one who fled to the United States as a child with his family in 1956 and one who remained and became a part of the Soviet regime that occupied Hungary.

His Excellency András Simonyi, Hungarian Ambassador to the United States from 2004-2007 and Thomas Kállay, a prominent U. S. Attorney are featured in this series providing a glimpse into why they chose their opposite paths and examining their reasons for doing so.

Here are a few points made in this series that features historical video clips of secret police legions, armed “Freedom Fighters” performing maneuvers during the six days of freedom in 1956 prior to being crushed by Soviet tanks in response to the uprising:

  • Ambassador András Simonyi, tells Full Disclosure he longed for Democracy even though he remained in Hungary and that his role as a leader of KISZ a Soviet Communist youth organization and foreign minister for the Soviet regime was not a big deal.
  • Thomas Kállay describes the devastating effect of the Communist occupation by citing the death of creativity in Hungary following the 1956 uprising and Soviet reprisals.

This series is to be featured on 45 cable systems starting April 14, 2008. A complete listing of channels and airtimes, by community can be found from this link.

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