Sunday, April 13, 2008

Is The Federal Justice System Fair?: Part 3-4 Cable Series preview (5 min)

Los Angeles, CA. The Full Disclosure Network® presents Part 3 and 4 of an exclusive cable series examining the awesome challenge faced by defendants who have been indicted in the Federal Justice system. These programs are part of an on-going series covering Federal prosecutions involving high profile defendants and public figures. Watch the full shows as follows:

L.A. CABLE CHANNEL 36 (Online preview 5 min here)
Sunday 4-13-08 Part Three 8 p.m. Part Four 8:30 p.m.
Monday 4-14-08 Part Three 4 p.m. Part Four 4:30 p.m.

  • OC Sheriff Mike Carona says at the outset he believes the Federal Court system is fair.
  • Former Federal Prosecutor Jan L. Handzlik who is a partner in the lawfirm of Howery, LLP, describes how the Federal Process is designed to work but points out some of the pitfalls and loopholes that often take place.
  • Mark H. Allenbaugh, a former Staff Attorney with the U. S. Sentencing Guidelines Commission and now a Partner with the Lawfirm of Allenbaugh & Samini, LLP, details how Federal sentences are so intimidating that 95 to 97 percent of all defendants end up pleading guilty and many agree to testify against other defendants to gain a lesser sentence.
  • Allenbaugh and Anthony Patchett (former Special Assistant L.A. District Attorney)noted that it is not unusual for defendants who plead innocent are then found guilty of crimes not related to their indictments. i.e. (perjury, obstructing justice, etc.) as it is too difficult for the prosecutors to prove their case on initial charges.
  • According to the experts, defendants who plead guilty are also forced to waive their right to appeal overly harsh sentences.

Since 1992 the Full Disclosure Network® has been produced by Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton and Producer T. J. Johnston and is featured on 45 cable systems and the Internet. In 2002 the Full Disclosure® special series “L. A.’s War Against Terrorism” was recognized by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with a local Emmy Award for a public affairs, informational series. Channels and airtimes can be found on the website.

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