Sunday, June 22, 2008

“Deport Ilegal Gang Criminals”……. L.A. Councilman Zine

Los Angeles, CA The Full Disclosure Network® presents a six minute video preview of a new two-part series covering the growing controversy over violent crimes committed by illegal alien gangs in Los Angeles.

The controversy was sparked when an 18th Street gang member shot and killed 17 year old Jamiel Shaw, II, a popular L.A High school football star, just three doors from his home. The alleged killer, Pedro Espinosa, had been released from L.A. County jail 24 hours earlier after serving four months on assault and weapons charges and was in the country illegally.

In the series both Los Angeles Councilman Dennis Zine and family Jamiel Shaw, II, the murder victim, describe their proposals to revise LAPD’s Special Order 40 in order to expedite the deportation of criminal alien gang members.

COUNCIL DISPUTE: Council Chair of the Public Safety Committee Jack Weiss claims in a statement issued by is office on June 24th, that LAPD Chief Bratton must issue a report before he can schedule hearings on Zine's Motion, a claim that is disputed by Zine in a statement issued June 24th.

GANGS, EXTORTION & DEPORTATIONS: Councilman Zine points to many issues of concern about the current LAPD policies and practices saying:“I want to know why the LAPD is working with ten ICE agents in the Valley, deporting violent gang members, but not doing this in other parts of the city?”.

Also included in the series are video clips featuring law enforcement and civilian police officials describing their position on Special Order 4 video and the history of Special Order 40:
Featured Guests:

  1. Councilman Dennis Zine, LAPD Retired and currently Reserve Officer
  2. U.S. Army Sgt. Anita Shaw, mother of murder victim
  3. Jamiel Shaw, Sr: father of murder victim
  4. Steve Ipsen, Pres. Association of Deputy District Attorneys
  5. LAPD Chief William Bratton
  6. LAPD Chief Daryl Gates (ret)
  7. Edith Perez (1998), Pres. LA Police Commission
  8. Rick Caruso (2002) Pres. LA Police Commission
  9. David Cunningham, III, (2004) Pres. LA Police Commission

This two part series is to be featured on 45 cable systems and is available on DVD from the web site at A preview of the program is also featured on YouTube

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