Saturday, September 13, 2008

WILL PUBLIC EDUCATION SURVIVE? Four-Part Series, Twelve Segments

Los Angeles, CA The complete four part series covering the future of Public Education featuring long-time School Board Member David Tokofsky and Civic Activist David Hernandez is presented here on Streaming Video” in twelve separate segments, available 24/7 and to be released starting one segment at a time on September 11, 2008 each and every week there after over the next twelve weeks.

SEGMENT ONE: L A Mayor’s Attempt To Take-Over LAUSD
Time: 8:35 min
David Tokofsky describes how Mayor Villaraigosa recruited leaders in the California Legislature to sponsor a bill to carve out selected schools from the District to control, claiming it as a “Community Partnership” but which involved the politics of San Fernando Valley and left new immigrants, undocumented immigrants out of the plan.David Hernandez, provides his insight to Mayor’s plan and raises questions as to who will benefit.

SEGMENT TWO: Charter Schools…Innovation By-pass Ed Code?
Time: 11:38 min
Why are wealthy individuals involved in charting the course for public education? David Tokofsky explains the $250 to 320 billion national dollars available for public education is luring venture capitalists to the Charter School business. By offering a change to the status quo, can there be a return on the investments made by providing union jobs? This scenario and Charter School Reform is explored with commentary from David Hernandez, Exec. Director, San Fernando Chamber of Commerce.

SEGMENT THREE: Charter Schools: Choice & Accountability?
Time: 8:38 min
David Tokofsky describes the Charter School operations, the checks and balances and the pitfalls. Are the teachers inspired to be a catalyst for opportunities and change? Tokofsky, who is a teacher, discusses the need for more opportunities and not to abandon the current system envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

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