Sunday, September 21, 2008

WILL PUBLIC EDUCATION SURVIVE?: Part Two of a Four Part Series

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Los Angeles, CA The complete series covering the future of Public Education consisting of four half hour shows each with three segments. An insiders view of Public Education featuring long-time School Board Member David Tokofsky and an outsiders view from Civic Activist David Hernandez is presented here on Streaming Video. The segments are available here 24/7 and to be featured on 47 cable systems in California.

SEGMENT FOUR: CHOICE?, Public Schools: Charter vs Magnate Schools (time: 8:22 min) covering desegregation programs and “white flight” from the L.A Unified School District. Can parents and children be lured back to the public school system to Charter Schools and Magnate schools.? Long time Board member David Tokofsky describes the difference between Charter and Magnate schools.

SEGMENT FIVE: Charter School Assn. Wooed by LAUSD To Help Pass $7 Billion Bond. (Time: 11:41 min) Magnate Schools with special programs such as Jr. Police Academy, Arts, Math and Science to attract minority students meet desegregation goals. Incentives vs forced programs is costly according to David Tokofsky.

SEGMENT SIX: Can School Officials Be Held Accountable? (Time: 7:45 min) School Board and local elections are won and lost with very little participation according to David Hernandez who points out the checks and balances and pitfalls. Are the teachers inspired to be a catalyst for opportunities and change? Tokofsky, who is a teacher, discusses the need for more opportunities and not to abandon the current system envisioned by the founding fathers.

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