Sunday, October 26, 2008


Los Angeles, CA In a Special Internet Report entitled“Russian Journalists Discover The First Amendment”the Full Disclosure Network® presents a fifteen-minute video featuring prominent U.S. Political authorities and five visiting Russian journalists who questioned the Full Disclosure Network® if the independent network has experienced opposition from U. S. political authorities.

The Russian visitors were part of a tour sponsored by the United States Library of Congress “Open World”program and facilitated by the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles. Meeting with Full Disclosure producers Leslie Dutton and T. J. Johnston the journalists specifically wanted to know details about the relationship between government authorities and the independent Full Disclosure Network.

The video reveals the sincere and heartwarming reaction of the Russian journalists after they learned, from Full Disclosure of the reaction by authorities to specific programs where conflicts and failed public policies were exposed.

Video clips from those programs feature political authorities:

  • Richard Thornburgh, Former U.S. Attorney General
  • Ken Starr, Presidential Prosecutor
  • Robert Woodward, Journalist-Author
  • Steve Cooley, Los Angeles District Attorney
  • Roger Carrick, Special Legal Counsel to LAUSD Office of Inspector General
Visiting Russian Journalists featured in video are:
  • Ms. Mariya Ramazanovna Abubakarova, Chief Editor, Grozny City Newspaper
  • Ms. Kseniya Aleksandrovna Anufriyeva, Editor, Commentator, Mir Television Station
  • Ms. Tamara Bessmertnaya, Senior Editor Almazny Krai Television & Radio
  • Mr. Dimitriy Leonidovich Sokolov, Deputy Chief Editor, Editorial Board Ryazan News
  • Ms. Matalya Romanovna Volina, Correspondent, Vostochno-Sibirskaya Pravda News
  • Ms. Irina Vladimirovna Shcherbinina, Facilitator for the Library of Congress

Some of the topics covered with the journalists:

  • Is there any power (official) that you (fear) to cover?
  • Do your programs report on events or do they foresee events?
  • How do you cover Presidential politics?
The full length program covering this meeting is to be featured on 45 cable systems a complete listing of channels and airtimes, by community can be found on our Channels page.

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