Saturday, November 22, 2008

L A City Council To Seize Public Cable Channels: Watch 12 minute Video

Los Angeles, CA. The Full Disclosure Network® presents an exclusive video report (12 min) on how the L. A. City Council is prepared to seize control of the public access cable channels. Having conducted almost no public debate regarding the 2007 state legislation (DIVCA) that revised and obscured the City's franchising authority and public access requirements, this video reveals the City is going to seize control of all public access channel operations on January 1, 2009.

TIME WARNER WINDFALL Under the City plan, Time Warner will apparently go unchallenged regarding the closing of all fourteen public access cable studios and channels previously required under cable franchise agreements. Instead, the city is opting that Time Warner provide only four public channels to be controlled by the government. Local public cable television producers who oppose the city's seizure of the channels are looking into to legal action to restore the 14 public channels.

Appearing in this 12 minute Video News Blog at the first and only public hearing are:

  • Councilman Tony Cardenas, Chairman Council Committee on ITA
  • David R. Hernandez, Civic Activist & Producer (
  • Morris Griffen, Community Activist & Producer
  • Devon Shane, Independent Producer
  • Leslie Dutton, Full Disclosure Network Producer & Host
  • ITA Staff members and Representative from the City Attorney’s office

NO DEDICATED CHANNELS FOR PUBLIC The City plan makes no requirement for a dedicated channel for public use. The recommendation was approved the Council Committee on Information Technology Agency & General Services (ITAGS) on Tuesday, November 11, 2008. With the apparent backing of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and after the proposal sat "in committee" for almost two years, an ITA staff member finally and publicly presented a report to Council Committee members Bernard Parks and Chairman Tony Cardenas, who appeared , in the video, to be surprised about the impending death of the public access cable channels.

The Council Committee’s action is expected to be ratified at a meeting of the full Council on Tuesday, November 25 (agenda item 16).

Please Note: The Council Hearing was scheduled with just enough notice to comply with the Open Meetings law, just before the Thanksgiving holiday while the public and the mainstream media is distracted.

At the end of the video viewers are asked to click on the link below where they can send an automated letter to each and every one of the City Council members, City Attorney, City Controller and the Mayor.

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