Thursday, March 19, 2009

911 CALL FROM ATTORNEY IN JAIL: Video Here (8 min)

Los Angeles CA The Full Disclosure Network® once again brings "the news behind the news" covering the on going drama unfolding in the L. A. County Jail. Here is a video report of a 911 call for help from prominent Anti-Trust Attorney Richard I Fine who has been confined in the L A County Men's Central Jail, in isolation, since March 4, 2009 following his Superior Court contempt of court hearing in Department 86. Judge David Yaffe ordered Fine to turn over all of his personal financial records and until he did so would be incarcerated without bail, without at release date and without a scheduled hearing, making the term of his sentence, indefinite. Watch and listen here

The contempt sentence imposed by Superior Court Judge David Yaffe followed a request made by Richard Fine, representing him self "in pro per" that Judge Yaffe disqualify himself from hearing the case due to the fact the Judge had received unconstitutional payments from the County of Los Angeles that was party to the case (Marina Strand Colony II Homeowners Association vs County of Los Angeles).

IN PRO PER RIGHTS: In the telephone recorded conversation, Fine describes to Full Disclosure the conditions where he was being held and that he was being denied his Constitutional right to represent himself and even access to paper and pencil, thus preventing him from filing an “IN PRO PER” writ of Habeas Corpus in Federal Court that could possibly free him and provide him an opportunity to fight what he calls "Judicial Corruption".

Details of the contempt hearing and arrest of Richard I. Fine can be found here on this webpage.

A one hour exclusive Full Disclosure® videotaped interview featuring Attorney Fine prior to his incarceration along with government opposition supporting his incarceration and disbarment is to be released to 40 cable systems and on the Internet.

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