Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Attorney Jailed In Attempt to Disqualify L.A. Judge For Taking Bribes

Richard I. Fine
Attorney At Law

Los Angeles, CA On Wednesday, March 4, 2009 the Full Disclosure Network attended a Los Angeles Superior Court Contempt hearing in Judge David Yaffe's Department 86 courtroom where he sentenced prominent Anti-Trust attorney Richard I. Fine to county jail indefinitely, until such time as he provides to the Judge his personal financial information. Judge Yaffe's actions came after attorney Fine pointed out the Judge had taken illegal money from an interested party in the case.

Immediately following the sentencing an entourage of ten or more Sheriff Deputies and Court personnel surrounded the slightly built, grandfatherly 69 year old attorney and placed him in handcuffs. Fine who was dressed in a charcoal grey suit, white dress shirt and red bow tie, readily cooperated and did not appear to be a flight risk. However, the Court was taking no chances as the procession led down the halls of the Los Angeles County Court House to the prisoners exit where the Sheriff's Department provide transportation to the jail.

The hearing involved the case of Marina Strand Colony II Homeowners Association vs County of Los Angeles and was prompted by attorneys representing the Del Rey Shores Development who sought to collect legal fees awarded to them. Richard Fine challenged the credentials of the Debtor Court Referee and Judge Yaffe who he claimed had been receiving illegal payments, estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars from the County Board of Supervisors since 1988. The attorneys for the developer asked Judge Yaffe to order Fine to take down his website from the Internet, the request was denied.

One day prior to the com tempt hearing, Full Disclosure conducted a one hour exclusive interview with Richard Fine who warned of the possibility that Yaffe would likely commit another illegal act by refusing to disqualify himself from conducting the hearing and that any ruling would be illegal as well. In fact during the hearing Fine admonished the Judge his participation would only continue the criminal activity. The Full Disclosure interview is to be shown on 40 cable systems and the Internet in April 2009. A transcript of the entire hearing will be posted on the Full Disclosure Network website soon.


This extraordinary judicial action of ordering the indefinite incarceration of such a prominent attorney whose long and distinguished career included service in the U. S. Department of Justice in Washington D. C. followed an intensive exchange where attorney Fine objected to Judge Yaffe's failure to disqualify himself. According to Richard Fine, Judge Yaffe along with all of the Los Angeles County judges have each been accepting up to hundreds of thousands of illegal dollars from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, that is specifically prohibited by the California Constitution and the Canons of Judicial Ethics.

The fact that the Judge insisted on hearing the matter, which involved the County of Los Angeles, was challenged by Fine in a Writ of Habeas Corpus filed with the California Supreme Court just moments before the hearing. Fine pleaded unsuccessfully to the Judge to delay sentencing till both the State and Federal courts had an opportunity to consider his requests for re-hearing.

In concluding his argument before Judge Yaffee's ruling, Richard Fine noted on the record that the California Legislature, the Governor and Judicial Council, all have admitted and recognized the illegal and criminal acts committed by Judge Yaffe and all Los Angeles Superior Court Judges and Supervisors when the Governor signed into law the State Budget legislation this February. Inserted into the budget bill was a provision granting Judges and elected officials immunity for illegal acts specifically prohibited by the State Constitution.


  1. What a sorry bunch of corrupt pigs...legislating immunity for themselves! What a sly and evil trick! The sorry bastards ought to all be hung from the highest tree.

    What has happened to our country that we allow these sick, evil and corrupt men to stay on the bench and we do nothing about it? Why aren't the newspapers screaming about it every day? It's unbelievable...

  2. Richard I. Fine, Esq. is worthy of the legal code of ethics he says he upholds as an attorney.

    For sitting judges to attempt to impune his character witnesses to their nefarious disdain for those who expose their underhanded and illegal actions.

    My applause to Mr. Fine!

    Unjust judges will reap the rewards of their actions. What goes around comes around as the old adage states.

    Does anyone know whether or not Mr. Fine has been released?

  3. I support Richard Fine's struggle and feel terrible that he has been incarcerated for so long without any seeming legal basis. I know of judicial corruption and wish more would fight back against a truly enterprise.
    I have however heard rumors that he had some problems of his own with ethics. Any truth to claims that he took money from clients and didn't follow up with services?

  4. I support Richard Fine, it's sad that not more lawyers are standing up to what is right and wrong. This is not an isolated case visit and see what is going on in the Probate courts. Seniors, children are being taken advantage by Aviva K. Bobb who pretends to be a self help advocate for law, lies, cheats and assigns her friends. Los Angeles Superior Court has many corrupt judges and we're all victims of them as they reap cash awards for not rendering JUSTICE.

  5. I agree with Mr Fine that many LA judges are corrupt including one that caused him problems, Bruguera. As an Armenian born and raised in Iran, L. A. County Superior Court judge Soussan Bruguera is a founding member of an ethnic/religious faction [Reference 1]. Soussan attended their meeting when their foreign religious leader granted an audience to the attendees who were "...kissing his ring..." and "...wore black robes and pointed hoods." [Reference 2]. According to its Director this faction " successfully realizing its goals of bringing Armenian members of the bar [and] the judiciary...together for the purpose of networking and strengthening ties." Translate this into plain English as "Encouraging Armenian judges to grant favors to Armenian lawyers and vice versa". [Reference 3].

    Soussan's husband, Paul Bruguera, was hired into a law firm with an Armenian partner and in response she rules her court with extreme prejudice to favor Armenian attorneys. Judge Bruguera's edicts disrespect the U.S. Constitution and due process, comprise judicial misconduct and have been reversed so many times by California appeal courts that taxpayers are required to pay for an additional three appeal court justices time to correct Soussan's injustices [Reference 4]. It is ironic that the only people allowed to break the law are judges like Bruguera who see themselves as above the law. L. A. County voters should not miss the opportunity to get rid of this miserable judge by voting her out of judicial office #35 in the June 8, 2010 election.

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    4. Including but not limited to: violating the supreme and appeal court rulings, witness intimidation, supression of evidence, abuse of sanctions, outside the court communication with Armenian attorneys about their cases where she presides, failure to disclose bias, and ruling on her own disqualification.

  6. The elected officials enact an EXPOST FACTO LAW giving Judges Immunity from committing illrgal acts after the fact of committing THEFT OF SERVICES and ACCEPTING BRIBES FROM ELECTED OFFICIAL! According to the new law passed, judges and elected officials can now subject anyone or everyone into slavery and involentary servitude at will!

  7. Any new updates?