Friday, March 13, 2009


Los Angeles, CA The Full Disclosure Network® presents a seven minute preview video featuring Part 4 and 5 from an on going series on Gangs and how local government deals with the growing threat of violence in the their community.

This Part 4 and 5 of the series features:

  • KEVIN JAMES, Former U.S. Prosecutor. Radio Talk Show Host Week Nights 9-11 p.m. KRLA 870 AM Los Angeles
  • DARYL GATES, Former Los Angeles Police Chief
  • JACK WEISS, Los Angeles City Councilman
  • REV. JEFF CARR, L.A. Deputy Mayor and Gang Czar

Here are some the points covered in the six segments of the series:

  • L A City Council Public Safety Committee held a hearing to consider a resolution to reform LAPD Police “Special Order 40” because due to concerns it was protecting illegal alien gang members.
  • Councilmember Jack Weiss is accused of bias due to the long delay to hold a hearing and the inequity in allotting time to citizens speaking.
  • Protesters intimidate the Councilmember Ed Reyes who was expected to support the motion of Councilmember Zine
  • Hearing is dubbed a “charade” when the council committee fails to take a vote.
  • Fearful of retaliation by gang supporters, two days after the hearing, Council passes resolution praising the gang supporters who testified at the hearing.
The Full Disclosure Network® Gang series continues with the next episodes number 6 and 7 will feature former LAPD Chief who explains the history and intent of enacting SPECIAL ORDER 40 regarding police policy on illegal immigrants. The full programs appear on 40 cable channels and are available on DVD from

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