Friday, May 08, 2009

State Department Hosts Media Tour For Broadcasters From Saudi Arabia,Egypt,Syria,Yemen, Gaza, United Arab Emirates

International Visitors Council of L.A. & State Department
Invite Full Disclosure to Meet With Mid-Eastern Media Operatives
Pictured Above from left to right
Ms. Naglaa Moustafa Mahomoud Farghaly
Script Writer & Media Channel 7 Egypt TV
Ms. Razzam Hejazi,
Director-Film Maker, Annimation Program (Syria)
Mr. Samir S. S. Abushammala,
(Gaza) Political Correspondent. Al-Jazeera Satellite
Ms. Lor Dib,
Correspondent, Al-Iqtisadiah Satellite Television (Syria)
Leslie Dutton,
Producer-Host Full Disclosure Network (USA)
Mr. Mohammed Al-Hassan A. Alemary,
Broadcast Correspondent-Presenter, Al Arabiya TV News Channel (Saudi Arabia)
Mr. Mohammed Nassar Al Momayiz,
Senior Producer, Dream TV (Egypt)
Mr. Samr Husain Mohamed Husain Al Marzouqi,
Channel Manager, MTV Arabia, Arab Media Group (United Arab Emirates)

Los Angeles, CA (May 9, 2009) The International Visitors Council of Los Angeles (IVCLA) and the U. S. Department of State invited the Full Disclosure Network® to meet with visiting broadcasters from the middle east who were part of an organized tour to learn how American media operations function. The May 6, 2009 meeting was one of many that were arranged for the visitors, with major media organizations, including the CBS Television Network in Los Angeles.


Here are the State Department objectives taken from materials provided by IVCLA for the "Creative Broadcast Programming", a regional project on the near East.

  • Examine the role of popular culture and entertainment media in shaping public perceptions.
  • Learn about the relationship between the media, public broadcasting, entertainment industry, and the government and the policies that oversee this relationship.
  • Engage with writers, producers and media personalities involved in the broadcasting of news, current affairs education, music, arts, science and coverage of international issues, as well as drama, comedy and entertainment; and
  • Provide exposure to the geographical, cultural social and ethnic diversity of the United States.

    As Full Disclosure® is "the news behind the news" the visiting broadcasters got a candid report on the relationship between government and the Full Disclosure Network®. During the meeting there was a exchange of information on issues that impact broadcasters world wide, in particular the issues of government control of the media, and the impact of the Internet and bloggers on traditional media and government.

    Full Disclosure® is preparing a Video Report on the May 6th meeting to be released soon. The IVCLA arranged a prior meeting with Full Disclosure and visiting Russian journalists that was video recorded in October 2008 and is available for viewing.

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