Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gang Culture Evolves: To Organized Crime as Police Report Crime Down: Video Series Preview (11 min)

Los Angeles, CA As a part of an on-going series on Gangs and Gang Crimes , the Full Disclosure Network® presents an exclusive 11 min preview of Part 6 and 7 featuring retired 33 year veteran LAPD Lieutenant Gary Nanson, who was in charge of gang operations for the LAPD in the San Fernando Valley.

Lt. Nanson describes how the gang problem has exploded, out of control, over the past three decades, while police officials have continued to report that crimes are down. By using inaccurate statistics and ignoring the gang evolution into major organized narcotic trafficking the culture of gangs has moved into white collar crime.

In the one hour interview Nanson details how gang members are removing tattoos, driving middle class sedans and dressing “like us” while perpetrating white collar crimes such as:

  • Identity Theft
  • Business Extortion
  • Medical Fraud
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Counterfeit DVDs, designer fashions

The culture of gangs includes the following mainstream-like traditions that are passed on for generations:

  • Gang Language
  • Rap Music
  • Gang Movies
  • Gang Fashion Clothing
  • Gang Signs

Lt. Nanson relates how the gang lifestyle has exploded and imported throughout the United States to other countries.

The two half-hour segments with Lt. Nanson will also be featured on over 40 cable television systems in California, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Arizona and more.

Copies of the DVDs of the entire gang series are available for purchase from the Full Disclosure Network “buy our programs” link at the top of the home page.

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  1. I am not surprised that gangs are out of control in L.A. I was the person that reported the sheriffs dept. using convicted felons to set up illegals for arrest.The problem was since I was one of the people that was being set up and the convicts were hand picked by the one and only Father gregory of Home Boys. Its a catholic thing.But this U.S. Attorney General here is not going to stop gang control, he is a bush appointee that is here mearly to cover up Bush offenses while in office. The proof is in the bribe his wife got in illegal federal forest land in Lake Arrowhead where so many of the Basin's super rich crime families make money illegally stealing land every year. But they have been getting away with it for years out here its not even funny.I also reported the illegal agreement between Bratton and father Gregory. I was not fot one world order but living in a catholic state is worse. A catholic police chief. a catholic mayor, a catholic D.A. acatholic State Attorney general and the list goes on. If we just took all the illegals out of the picture how much money and confusion would that also take out of the picture. Just on the police commision you have a female member who has one nephew a convicted gang member and his brother a sheriff. How does that make sense especially one her other cousin is a council member with a huge number of illegals in his district all given jobs through city hall contractors who pay Villagossa. We need to get Horton involved here and clean out theold boy net work that has mearly changed hands to the Catholic Church.