Sunday, September 13, 2009

Volunteers Fight Court Corruption.......... To Free Richard Fine: Video (10 min)

Los Angeles, CA Here is a ten minute Full Disclosure Network video news report about how volunteers are fighting what appears to be Court Corruption that is making it very difficult for Richard I Fine to win his freedom. The volunteers are trying to Free Richard Fine from L A County Central Men's Jail where he has been in solitary coercive confinement for going on seven months. He was jailed following a civil contempt judgment for having attempted to disqualify Superior Court Judge David Yaffe, for failing to disclose that he received illegal payments from a party involved in the litigation (Marina Strand Colony II Homeowners Assn. vs County of L.A.)

The video features Fred Sottile and Full Disclosure Host Leslie Dutton a with a description of how Richard Fine is representing himself "In Pro Per" writing the court documents using legal codes from memory in his jail cell. The difficult circumstances of this legal battle is described vividly by Sottile who sees the Judicial Corruption as a threat to the entire country.

The obstacles encountered by the volunteers for Richard I Fine are documented in a series of video news reports produced by the Full Disclosure Network. The second segment in the series is to be release next week. Many of the volunteers helping Richard Fine have had personal encounters with the flawed Court process and were motivated to come forward due to the issues involved in his case.

NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE........."Missing Documents & Federal Court Rules"


  1. I read somewhere that "coercive confinement" is limited to five days. Someone might want to look into this

  2. I am having a similar remarkable experience in the santa cruz court probate dept. The improper or even illegal acts by the judges and court personnel seem so casual and artistic, it rattles my brain as it assures me i am witnessing a wrong. First I get mad and then I shudder, whenever I witness wrongdoing done openingly. I sense there is a greater wrong encircling the matter giving rise to present tragedy. though i am still not 100% sure if it was wrong in the legal technicality sense, i cannot find any statute or rule that allows off-the-record and outside-of-court authority for a judge to change his ruling without notice to the prevailing party and refusing to allow any discussion on the matter. given that and my understanding of fairness and the court and opposing party's failure to cite authority, i hope to submit good grounds for reversal. Any ideas welcome! may the reader be informed, my trust is said to be under $300,000 and more recently from $100,000 to $112,000. if they took it all that would seem to be so little for such a great risk of so many people in such great positions. If true, that means the court system can be rigged for little money or they have a system to carry out the system. which is even more frightening!
    Any advice for appeal on the basis of judicial misconduct and/or due process is welcome at