Sunday, February 28, 2010

Prisoner Release Threatens Public Safety? Video 7 Minutes

STEVE IPSEN, President Association of Deputy D.A.'s

Speaks Out On Prisoner Releases

Full Disclosure Network® presents a 7 min video news blog describing the dangerous threat to public safety posed by the release of 40,000 prisoners from in California. Prompted by the current fiscal crisis and Federal Court mandates some counties have started releasing prisoners early resulting in new crimes and escalating the debate over public safety and the danger of early releases.

Appearing in this video is the President Steve Ipsen of the L.A. Deputy District Attorney’s Association, who describes the felony crimes committed by those to be released early and explains why the early release of prison inmates will only generate more crime and threaten the public’s safety.

Ipsen is urging Governor Schwarzenegger to prioritize his budget cuts and to make public safety at the number one priority.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Russian Journalists Hear How Los Angeles Media Reports The News

FDN Host Leslie Dutton 3rd from Left Meets Russian Journalists

Los Angeles, CA The Full Disclosure Network® (FDN) met with a group of six Russian journalists who were invited to the United States under the auspices of the Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program.

During the two hour meeting that was video recorded in the conference room of the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles, Producer/Host Leslie Dutton related to the journalists about why FDN is known as "the news behind the news" because the regular news media often does not cover in-depth, many important issues such as government corruption, police policies, public finance and education. That is why the independent and alternative news gathering organizations such as FDN are gaining more followers and popularity on the public cable channels and on the Internet.

As an example, the Russians learned about the plight of prominent Anti-Trust Attorney Richard I Fine, who has been held in L.A. County Central Mens Jail for almost one year in solitary, "coercive confinement" for contempt of court. A description of the FDN programs on Richard I Fine such as this video, was included in the presentation by Leslie Dutton. Some of the questions asked by the Russians about the Richard Fine case were: "Why isn't the big media covering this case?" "Is it possible that Richard Fine is in jail as a protester, so he can eventually run for President?"

Full Disclosure Network® also asked the Russians questions about government interference with the news media in their homeland. Several of the journalist cited the corruption of traffic cops in the City of St. Petersburg and how the police had disrupted their filiming of a traffic accident, fearing that the journalists were trying to catch them taking bribes.

The theme of the State Department International Visitors program was entitled TELLING YOUR STORY: REGIONAL TV NEWS. The program objectives were to acquaint the visiting journalists with local and regional news media, to explore the role of editors and journalists in developing "news stories" and review local and regional newsgathering connected to issues of global importance.

Accompanied by two State Department interpeters, here are the names of the Russian Journalists:

Ms. Valeria Anatolievna Karpova:
Deputy Chief Editor, Information Programs,
Directorate, Novgorod Oblast Television, Veliky Novgorod
Ms. Larisa Vladislavovna Kovlishenko:
Chief Editor Arkangelsk Television Company
Mr. Vitaly Yevgenyevich Lukashov:
Television journalist and program host, St. Petersburg Television
and Radio Company TV5
Ms. Elena Yuriyevna Ponomareva:
Coordinating Editor, Information Directorate, Media Center
Ms. Ekaterina Vladimirovna Pravdina:
Correspondent, Information Service St. Petersburg Bureau, NTV
Mr. Mikhail Yuryevich Velikoselskiy:
director, City Broadcasting directorate, TV5 St. Petersburg


Washington D.C. The Full Disclosure Network® is releasing a Special Three-part Series featuring H. Andrew Thornburg, Thornburg & Company a corporate turn-around Executive who reveals the truth on the nation’s stimulus plan and whether America can recover. Here is a seven minute video preview of this interview with Thornburg who has an extensive background in Corporate and International finance, Industrial development projects and is a guest lecturer on entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.

Among the issues discussed are: