Saturday, March 27, 2010

California, U.S. Courts Torturing L. A. Political Prisoner......Video (4.27 min)

Larry John, discusses the UN "Torture" complaint
filed with on behalf of Richard I Fine, Ph.D. with FDN

Los Angeles, CA The Full Disclosure Network®presents a four minute video preview of an hour-long interview with Lawrence John, II a decorated former military and civilian police officer who filed a Human Rights Commission complaint with the United Nations on behalf of political prisoner Richard I. Fine who has been held in the L.A. Central Men’s jail for over a year in solitary “Coercive Confinement” for civil contempt of court.

The complaint filed was made public by Richard I. Fine on March 25, 2001 in his Superior Court “Demand for an Immediate ‘Farr Hearing’” that includes the U. N. Complaint, a declaration by Fine describing how the California and United States Courts have intentionally violated Court Rules, legal ethics and his basic civil and human rights.

In the interview Mr. Johns describes the “Torture” and conditions under which Dr. Fine has be forced to live for over a year. He was jailed on March 4, 2009, without being convicted of crime, without a hearing date, release date. When Dr. Fine’s upper dental place broke on Jan. 5, 2010 his ability to eat was severely impaired. L.A. County Sheriff’s Department refused to respond for almost two months, claiming they could not repair it and would not replace it. Only after Dr. Fine filed numerous “ inmate complaints” received media attention did the Sheriff's Department act to fix the dental plate.

The complete two-part interview is to be featured on public cable channels in major cities across the country and on the Internet. DVDs are available from this website here.


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  1. I’m not sure that the U.N. will get involved, but I do agree that any and every entity that can possibly be made aware of the events taking place right now should be notified. We need to make some noise.

    I do also agree that the conditions under which Mr. Fine is being held are unconstitutional and improper.

    However I can’t help but to wonder how this will be resolved. This is a serious, serious matter when there is no one to make sure that the law is followed and applied appropriately.
    These judges are all friends and or associates and they protect one another.
    Do you realize how difficult it is to even file a complaint for judicial misconduct (in federal court)? They’ve made the conditions so stringent under which to say that a judge has acted improperly that it is nearly impossible to get anyone to even take notice and most people just give up.
    It has not been so long ago that you could even file a complaint for judicial misconduct which means that the amount of complaints are on the rise and that Congress realized that something needed to be done about it or else the avenue on which to complain would not have been created.

    I understand that judges cannot second guess one another or criticize another judge because much of the law is based on interpretation, but wrong is wrong.
    Even if Mr. Fine takes this all the way to the Supreme Court there are no guarantees that the Supreme Court will accept the case. Then what?
    I am curious to know who will address this matter and do what needs to be done because at this point there are several hundred judges in California that should be removed from the bench and disbarred, but will it happen?