Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jailed Attorney Richard I Fine Reveals Cause of Court Corruption............ Interview Excerpt (2 min)

Leslie Dutton & Richard I. Fine L.A. County Jail March 10, 2010

Los Angeles, CA. Was it just a coincidence that L. A. County never lost a case decided by a judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court over the last two decades? According to prominent anti-trust attorney Richard I. Fine, all but two cases, decided by judges where the County was a litigant in the case, were ruled in favor of the County. He cites this fact was reported on the County Counsel's own website in the anual litigation reports. When Fine discovered the judges were receiving huge sums of money from the county illegally over the past two decades he understood what was happening. He raised the issue in the court room asking Judge David Yaffe to disqualify himself from hearing the case. Fine was held in civil contempt of the Court and ordered held in jail in solitary "coercive confinement" on March 4, 2009 and has been there ever since.

The Full Disclosure Network® presents a 2 minute audio clip from our jail interview with inmate Richard I. Fine where is pinpoints the source of corruption in L. A. County Courts. The entire one-hour is to be released to cable stations throughout California and in major cities across the country in April.

On March 11, 2010 County Sheriff Leroy Baca reversed his long standing opposition to an interview with judicial corruption fighter Richard I Fine who has been held in L.A. County Central Men’s Jail for over a year, without a conviction, a jury trial, a release date or even a hearing date. Baca’s decision to let Full Disclosure Network® Producers Leslie Dutton and T. J. Johnston video record a one-hour interview with Fine in the jail came almost two months after Sterling Norris of the Judicial Watch, the public interest legal organization filed a lawsuit in the U.S. California Central District. The complaint requested declaratory relief asking the court to hold the Sheriff’s policy regarding media requests for inmate interviews unlawful on the basis of violations of First Amendment Rights of the Press.

Within days of filing the lawsuit on behalf of the Full Disclosure Network® the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles based Radio Television News Association (RTNA) passed a resolution supporting the litigation challenging the Sheriff's exclusionary policy.


  1. Keep the pressure on! This man should not be in jail. Someone or some persons need to be held accountable for this facade. This is an injustice and for officers (judges) of the court to behave as if they're omnipotent is unconscionable

  2. Political terrorism, I believe this falls under,"inflicting harm, to promote, or advance a political view". Homeland security, is allowing terrorism in LA to go unchecked. This is a judicial jihad, and ignoring it will bring greater harm to California, and this nation. If homeland security won't address the issue, and do their duty, isn't that the same as supporting, and promoting, terrorism? If a regular citizen can be considered a terrorist, or, "enemy combatant", a group of individuals, no matter what status, inflicting harm on Americans, is a terrorist group, and must be treated as such.

  3. Atty. Fine's sacrifice cannot go unnoticed in todays sleep-induced world. As the illusions of right and wrong become more confused we become victims of corrupt politicians and court room judges. The founding fathers of this country knew that history repeats itself and those very ones who are placed in charge to safeguard your freedoms would ultimately before corrupt as we are lulled to sleep as contented sheep. For this reason they inserted words like "defend against enemies foreign and domestic" into the constitution which is now being shredded before our very eyes through the courtroom judges that we have placed on the benches and yet to hold accountable. We must wake every citizen up person by person, house by house, city block by city block, municipal by municipal and have a serious change of the guard and restore our civil liberties that are being usurpped under the color of law. If we do nothing, Atty. Fine's sacrifice is in vain...just like Christ.