Sunday, April 18, 2010

Did Judge Yaffe Decide? or Did The Court Legal Counsel Decide? What to Do with Richard I. Fine Case: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO HERE: 28:30 minutes

Los Angeles, CA. The Full Disclosure Network® presents a special video report on the growing confusion within L.A. Superior Court on how to handle the indefinite solitary "coercive Confinement" of a prominent anti-trust prosecutor Richard I Fine. Faced with a "Demand For A Farr Hearing" Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Yaffe sought legal counsel from the Court's attorney, while deliberating his decision. This according to Superior Court Clerk assigned to Yaffe's court room told Janette Isaacs who delivered and filed the legal papers in Yaffe's court room.

This Special Report provides an inside glimpse as to what is going on in the closed chambers of the Los Angeles Superior Court. Just imagine the legal questions Judge Yaffe must have to ask. Superior Court Counsel Frederick J. Bennettwas a former Deputy L A. County Counsel at the time the County started giving the illegal payments to the Judges in 1987 or 1988. Richard Fine shares his perspective as to what is going on behind the scenes at Superior Court.

For the past thirteen months Richard Fine has depended upon volunteers to facilitate the many motions, writs and petitions that he has filed in the State and Federal Courts in order to win his freedom. Featured in this half-hour video report is Janette Isaacs, who is no stranger to the Courts. She has been a self taught para legal representing herself and others who have become victims of court malfeasance. She relates the court reaction when she filed Mr. Fine’s “Demand for A Farr Hearing in Judge Yaffe’s court room.

WATCH VIDEO HERE: 28:30 minutes

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