Monday, April 26, 2010

U.S. Supreme Court Justices Deny "Stay Of Execution of Sentence" But Refused To Dismiss Appeal of Richard I. Fine (Video)

Washington, DC The U. S. Supreme Court has denied the application for a "Stay of Execution" (of civil contempt sentence) for jailed attorney Richard I. Fine but they refused to dismiss his Writ of Certerioria which was before the full panel of Justices at the time the Stay was denied. According to the U. S. Supreme Court website in the case No. 09-1250 Richard I Fine vs Los Angeles County Sheriff Leroy D. Baca, a reply brief is due to be filed in the Court by May 17, 2010.


"I cannot believe that they denied my application as it violates U.S. Supreme Court Precedent of the release of William T. Farr by Justice Douglas in the same situation in 1974. However I am encouraged that they did not dismiss my appeal, which indicates that I will win the appeal." "The reply response from L.A. County Sheriff Baca is due on May 17, 2010 unless he waives his right to respond. The Sheriff has never opposed my Writ of Habeas Corpus in this case."
"This means that I could be in jail unecessarily all the way in to the next term of the U S Supreme Court, which is October. The issues waiting to be resolved are whether Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Yaffe should have recused himself from taking a bribe from Los Angeles County which was a party before him in the case (Marina Strand Colony II Homeowners Association vs County of Los Angeles) and whether he should have recused himself from the 'Contempt Proceeding' where he judged his own actions as having taken the bribe. Long established U.S. Supreme Court Precendent has mandated that a judge recuse himself in each of those situtations. I should never have been imprisioned at all. This is clearly a situtation of my being a political prisoner for having exposed and challenged the corruption of the courts."
Fred Sottile, a volunteer Co-Chair of the "Free Richard Fine Committee" (FRF) reacted to the news by saying......
"In my opinion Habeas Corpus is dead in America. The America I had a contract with, that contract being called “The Constitution” is gone." As I stated before this is the moment that we know the corruption goes all they through every level of the courts, from the bottom to the top. We are going to continue protesting and the FRF committee to broadcast the truth in our world wide search for patriots who will stand up for a Constiutional America."


Exclusive Video Interview with Richard I. Fine (4 min)
Citizens Protest Video L A Superior Court (7 min)

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  1. America is a terrorist nation. It's time to load the guns. Since there is no longer justice in America, it's us against them. Tyranny rules in America, we must put a stop to it, it's our duty. There needs to be a bounty on these criminals heads. What a sick country we got stuck with. F America.