Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jailed Attorney Fine Alleges Cover-up Of Court Corruption (Documents Here)

Richard I. Fine

Release Los Angeles, CA Into his second year of what he calls his "illegal incarceration due to a massive cover-up of judicial corruption" prominent Anti-Trust Attorney Richard I Fine sets forth his case in an effort to win his freedom in his most recent court filings. The filings detail Fine’s standoff with the State Superior Court trial Judge David P. Yaffe who held him in contempt of court following his attempt to disqualify the Judge who had admitted on December 22, 2008 in an unusual Court hearing that he had been receiving illegal payments from Los Angeles County, a party to the case.

One would think that Richard I Fine’s case and lengthy incarceration would cause concern among legal scholars, civil libertarians and the media but it has been largely ignored by the legal and political establishment who have remained silent and unavailable for comment. To an outsider this case appears to be one of judicial retaliation. In the absence of scholarly discussion and examination of the issues Full Disclosure Network prepared this short video update summarizing the situation after fourteen months.

Richard Fine has been held in solitary "coercive confinement" in the L. A. Men's Central Jail since March 4, 2009 after accusing the Judge of conflict in the case. State Judge David P. Yaffe has contended in court filings that Fine should have raised the conflict issue earlier and that he only did so as an afterthought. Fine contends that Judicial Canons of Ethics and U. S. Supreme Court precedent mandated that the Judge should have disclosed this conflict in the case of Marina Strand Colony II Homeowners Association vs County of Los Angeles (LASC Case No. BS109420


Fine who practiced law for 46 years and holds a Ph.D in international law, filed the documents (linked below) several weeks ago. As yet, not one of the courts in which they were filed has taken any action. The documents contend that the Yaffe’s contempt order was “void” from the beginning., This argument is bolstered by an astounding "on the record" admission from the judge, that he had been receiving illegal payments from L. A. County and had not disclosed the information to parties in the case lends credence to Fines' assertions,

Read the actual Court Documents Here

  • California Superior Court (L.A.) in Judge David Yaffe's Courtroom Case No. BS 109420 Notice of Hearing to Order Release Filed on May 21, 2010 After filing Judge Yaffe refused to set a hearing.
  • U. S District Court, Judge Magistrate Carla Woehrle Case No cv-09-1914
    JFW (CW) Request for Release Hearing filed June 9, 2010

    Court failed to act.

Judge David Yaffe Testifies As Witness
While Sitting on Bench...... Rules in His own Favor

In this December 22, 2008 court transcript Judge Yaffe says he is troubled by the court rule that says "in the absence of objection" he must testify, even though he is sitting in judgment on the case. He then admits receiving payments from L. A. County and not disclosing them. When the attorney representing the "interested party" raised an objection to the line of questioning posed by Richard I Fine, who was representing himself, Judge Yaffe, then ruled in his own favor while testifying as a witness.


Compounding the complexity of this case in 2009 the California Legislature gave retroactive immunity from criminal prosecution, civil liability and disciplinary action to all California Judges and government officials under Senate Bill SBX2 11 (Section 5) for the illegal payments that had been made to judges since 1987. In 2008 the California Supreme Court held in Sturgeon vs County of Los Angeles the county payments to State Judges were illegal.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Passing of World War II "Icon" Edith Shain, Nurse In Times Square Kiss

Washington D.C. The family of Edith Shain announced the passing of their dear mother in Los Angeles. on Sunday June 20, 2010 California . Ms. Shain was a Registered Nurse, kindergarten teacher, public access cable television producer who became a world famous figure following her participation in the 50th Anniversary of V-J Day in August of 1995.

In August of 1945 Edith Shain was kissed by a jubilant U. S. Sailor in Times Square by famed photographer Alfred Eisenstadt while celebrating the end of World War II. Her son Michael Shain described the photo as having captured “an epic moment in American history, one that inspired patriotism, unity, joy and a spontaneous national pride in victoriously ending the war”

When asked why his mother had attracted so much attention in her senior years, her son Dr. Robert Shain explained “she had a wonderful charismatic personality full of love, laughter and caring about other people and in government and politics.”

Edith Shain is also survived by son Justin Decker, who said “my mom was always willing take on new challenges and caring for the World War II veterans energized her to take another chance to make a difference.” She also leaves behind six grand children and eight great grandchildren.

Edith Shain (1918-2010)
Co-founder and Producer of
Full Disclosure Public Access TV Program in 1992

Lifetime Highlights of World War II “Icon” Edith Shain:
  • Born and raised in Tarrytown New York July 29, 1918
  • New York Hunter High School graduate (age 16)
  • 1947 graduate from New York Doctors Nursing School
  • Bachelors degree in education New York University
  • Hancock Park & Burbank Kindergarten Teacher (30 yrs)
  • Continued nursing license, working night shift at Cedars Lebanon.
  • Featured in a Life magazine article in 1979 with Alfred Eisenstadt
  • Director, American Association of Women, Public Affairs Education
Edith Shain’s participation in Veteran Memorial events included:
  • 60TH Year Anniversary WW II to New York Times Square
  • 25 ft. statute next to the war ship in San Diego
  • Grand Marshall of numerous parades
  • Grand Marshall Veterans Day in NY City
  • Laid Down the wreath of WW2 Tundra Tomb Washington DC
  • Numerous overseas appearances for Veterans Memorial events

The family has set up a website for those who knew and loved Edith where they can add comments and post pictures and and share memories of her:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Veteran Newsman: Los Angeles Leads Nation In Decline (Video 9 min)

Los Angeles, CA Veteran newsman and long time editor Ron Kaye describes the role of the Department of Water and Power and current city leadership that has presided over the rapid decline of the nation's second most populous city. Watch this 9 min preview of a two-part series. From 1982 to 2008 as Editor of the L. A. Daily news Kaye acquired first hand knowledge of the inner workings of Los Angeles, a city that was at one time thought of as "the shining city by the sea."

As a long time observer of city politics who supervised all the LA Daily News reporting for decades Ron Kaye notes that politicians and powerful public employee unions have orchestrated the city's decline while furthering their own interests. He cites decaying infrastructure, frequent broken water mains, absent street maintenance, neglected public parks, facilities, tree trimming, uprooted sidewalks that go untended while at the same time hefty public pensions and new public job programs have gobbled up the dwindling public purse.

Ron Kaye describes how the LADWP is being used by fat cat investors with political connections to the Mayor who claims L A will be the "greenest" city by using questionable "Roof Top" solar energy panels that have proven unable to generate power for even a city block. He points to the "short sighted" policies of Los Angeles politicians that have resulted in unsustaninable goals, implementing new fees and fines as the basic city services now must be performed by residents who have already paid for those services.

The interview with Kaye is part of an on-going Full Disclosure Network cable television series covering the politics and policies behind California's urban decline. The series is featured on community cable channels throughout California and in major U. S. Cities and on the Internet. DVDs of the full half-hour programs are available upon request.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

DA & AG Asked to Investigate Brown Act Violations By Los Angeles County Supervisors in Capitol Hill Meetings

June 5, 2010

Mr. David Demerjian

Public Integrity Division

L A County District Attorney Office

310 West Temple St. Room 766

Los Angeles, CA 90012 Re: Request for Investigation Brown Act Violations

Dear Mr. Demerjian,

We are hereby submitting a request for enforcement of the Brown Act, Gov’t Code § 54950 et seq. and a complete investigation of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ recent official meetings held in Washington D. C. on May 5 and 6th with individual members of the U.S. Senate and U. S. Congress. A Full Disclosure Network camera crew and reporter Janet Levy were barred from covering five of the ten official meetings. In one meeting held in the Capitol Building with Senator Barbara Boxer, the camera crew was excluded, but Ms. Levy was allowed into the room. Although she is a citizen of Los Angeles County, Ms. Levy was not permitted to speak at the meeting. A ten minute video report of the two-days of official meetings can be viewed here: (DVD enclosed)

Furthermore, the five meetings that were open to the public were severely limited in scope and duration and failed to adequately address posted agenda items. The discussions that took place at the meetings that were open to the public deviated from the official agenda, giving the impression that official business must have been conducted elsewhere, out of the public view.

The agenda and meeting notice that were posted on the County’s website, which stated that the meetings would be open to the public and the media and that the public would be permitted to speak, can be viewed here:

In addition, we call your attention to the hyperlink below to the posted Public Meeting Schedule with time and locations of the offices where the meetings took take place:

During the upcoming months, a complete one hour video report is to be featured on community cable channels throughout California as well as on the Internet. This video report accurately reflects the deliberate actions taken to exclude the public and the media from more than half of the public meetings. The Full Disclosure video details what transpired when Ms. Levy, a Los Angeles County resident and freelance reporter who was covering the L A County Board of Supervisors meetings with a three man camera crew, attempted to attend these public meetings.


Leslie Dutton

Executive Producer

Janet Levy

Freelance Journalist

cc: Steve Cooley, L A County District Attorney

Attorney General Edmund G. Brown, Jr.